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New DX10 graphics core

DailyTech previously reported the SIS product roadmap back in March. Things have changed quite a bit for SIS since than. It was reported SIS would bring DDR3 to Intel processors with the 665 Northbridge by Q3’06 but recent SIS roadmaps show the 665 has been pushed back to Q2’07. The 665 will replace the previous high-end SIS chipset, the 656. The AMD side of things isn’t too exciting with nothing but integrated graphics equipped chipsets. SIS has no plans to replace the current 756 with anything besides the integrated graphics equipped 772, which doesn’t arrive till 2007. A similar Intel version dubbed the 672 will also arrive at the same time.

The 772 and 672 chipsets will contain a new integrated graphics core that will be compatible with Windows Vista Premium with Aeroglass. The core logic graphics core will be dubbed Mirage 4 and feature DirectX 10 compatibility. There aren’t many details on the supported 3D features but it appears to have plenty of video acceleration additions. H.264 hardware acceleration will be supported with Mirage 4, though there’s no detail on supported resolutions. Support for 3:2 and 2:2 pull down is also integrated for improved DVD/MPEG2 video playback quality. Mirage 4 will also have support for the new DisplayPort too.

It was previously reported SIS would be entering the DRAM market as well. Currently SIS only produces DDR and DDR2 memory with speeds of 400 MHz for DDR and 533, 667, and 800 MHz for DDR2. Roadmaps show SIS intends to ship DDR2 modules up to speeds of 1066 MHz in the future though.

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RE: AMD Chipsets
By Ecmaster76 on 6/12/2006 7:19:58 PM , Rating: 2
Really they just need to make a new southbridge for AMD (should be the same as the Intel one).

Until AMD starts using newer versions of hypertransport, there isn't too much for SIS tto do in the northbridge department. The odds of nvidia or ATI giving them mulit GPU support are slim to none, so adding more PCIe lanes would be pointless.

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