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Sony is closing factories and cutting jobs as part of its latest restructuring plan, announced in April

As part of its restructuring plan, Sony is closing a factory in Japan and will also cut thousands of jobs at its Tokyo headquarters.

According to Sony, it will shut down its Minokamo factory in Japan, which makes camera and mobile phone lenses. The factory contains about 840 workers that will lose their jobs at the end of March 2013.

In addition, Sony said it will invest in an early retirement plan that will reduce the employee headcount at its Tokyo headquarters by 2,000 -- or one-fifth of the HQ's workforce. This will happen by the end of fiscal year 2012.

Sony is closing factories and cutting jobs as part of its latest restructuring plan, which was announced by new CEO Kazuo Hirai back in April. The idea is to try to keep Sony afloat and competitive in the electronics market by axing about 10,000 jobs globally by March 2013. About 3,000-4,000 will be in Japan.

This restructuring will cost Sony $930 million during the fiscal year, but the outcome is expected to save the company $370 million annually.

When Hirai took over the sinking ship that is Sony back on April 1, he offered an entirely new plan for restructuring the company. A key idea behind the restructuring was to strengthen core businesses, including digital imaging, games and mobile. He also opted to take over the failing TV business, expand business in emerging markets, create new businesses and realign the business portfolio.

A lot of Sony's issues have to do with its TV unit, which has seen eight straight years of quarterly losses. Last December, Sony decided to shake up its TV division by negotiating a buyout of its 50 percent manufacturing stake with Samsung in the LCD joint venture. It also split its TV division into three units consisting of sales of LCD TVs, outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper foreign facilities and developing future TVs.

More recently, in May 2012, Sony reported a record annual loss of
$5.7 billion USD.

Source: Sony

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RE: Dont screw up the PS4
By StevoLincolnite on 10/21/2012 3:40:17 AM , Rating: 2
Is the memory unit for the XBOX 360 open standard? No. The Memory Stick is definately more 'open' because at least its multiplatform.

Pointless since you can use an External Hard Drive or USB Flash drive.

The XBOX 360 has not been reliable. All generations of the PS3 have.

Not entirely accurate, you are forgetting the YLOD. (Yellow light of death) that is occurring in allot of the older generation PS3's.
The newer model Xbox's are pretty solid in terms of reliability, but if you want to get into semantics on which company has more reliable hardware... Look no farther than the exploding battery fiasco that Sony had years back and hence had to do a massive recall.
Personally I would be much happier to trade exploding battery's for a device that may fail randomly.

However, neither should have happened, but unfortunately did.

The PS3 has had linux support removed from the last two generations, but the XBOX 360 never had this, so again, neither here nor there.

The problem I was getting at and you completely missed the point on is that Sony advertised the linux OS as a great feature then removed it from under consumers.
Microsoft never advertised any such feature so the point is moot.

This is huge, because although XBOX Live offers some things PSN doesn't, PSN offers 1) a web browser

You could use a web browser via a Media center plugin, however now Microsoft has launched Internet explorer on the Xbox.

RE: Dont screw up the PS4
By BZDTemp on 10/21/2012 10:52:33 AM , Rating: 3
You could use a web browser via a Media center plugin, however now Microsoft has launched Internet explorer on the Xbox.

A media center plugin. How is that supposed to count?
And as for IE that has literately just happened a couple of days ago.

And that exploding battery you mention exactly how does that have anything to do with the PS3? Even if we say it speaks to Sony in general then you can't do that without comparing the amount of hardware made by the two companies - then Sony has Microsoft beat many many times over.

And that YLOD you mention that is so little an issue I had to google it to even find out about it. It was less that .5% failure rate and that is after like 2 years of use. In contrast the 360 had failure rates in double digit percentages some claim even close to fifty percent.

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