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Microsoft targets iPad pricing

Microsoft has gone official with pricing on its Surface RT tablets. Most people have been hoping the Microsoft Surface RT tablets would come in at less than Apple’s hugely popular iPad. However, Microsoft’s pricing puts Surface in close competition with comparable third generation iPads and higher than the iPad 2.
The 32GB Windows Surface RT tablet without the Black Touch cover, which also doubles as a keyboard, is $499. That makes it $100 more expensive than the entry-level Apple iPad 2 at $399. The $499 entry price for the Surface RT tablet puts it on par with pricing for the 16GB “New iPad”.
If you want the Touch Cover with its integrated keyboard, that option is $100 when you order, or $119.99 as an add-on later. You can pre-order the 32GB version with the cover for $599.
The third version has 64 GB of storage and ships with the Touch Cover – it will cost you $699. Any of the three tablet versions can be pre-ordered today with delivery expected by October 26.
Analysts seem to think that Windows 8 tablet pricing is too expensive, however, what do you guys think?
In other Surface news, you can catch Microsoft’s first ad for the new tablet here:

Source: Microsoft

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RE: Too expensive.
By polishvendetta on 10/16/2012 11:33:14 AM , Rating: 3
There is a school of thought among artists and designers that you should price your work at what you think its worth. So Microsoft is branding this as a high end tablet so its priced as such.

In reference to several other comments, Androids whole marketing scheme is "hey were just as good as apple but cheaper". This works and is good for google due to the fact they were a search enging company branching into hardware. With these prices Microsoft is saying "were better then apple. peroid." I think this is a good stance.

RE: Too expensive.
By batjohn on 10/16/2012 12:11:10 PM , Rating: 3
There's a lot of starving artists out there (not to mention their business plan usually involves selling a few at a high price instead of a lot at small prices which doesn't work in the electronics world) and engineers have no say in pricing as far as I know other than to build something as cheap as possible. If it sells well good for them but I don't see a single thing that really that would push people in this things direction over the competition.

RE: Too expensive.
By batjohn on 10/16/2012 12:12:59 PM , Rating: 2
Read engineers instead of designers for some reason (similar I guess). Same still applies though. Designers have no say on price for the most part.

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