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Lincoln MKZ is aimed squarely at the Lexus ES 300h

We first brought you news about the 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in early April. The stylish new midsize luxury sedan is taking the fight directly to Lexus' first ever ES hybrid: the ES 300h.
Ford today announced that the MKZ Hybrid bests its closest competition in the miles per gallon (mpg) race, achieving an impressive 45 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway. The Ford Fusion Hybrid, which shares the MKZ's underpinnings and powertrain, is rated slightly higher at 47/47 (city/highway).
However, the fuel economy ratings put the MKZ Hybrid well ahead of the ES 300h, which is rated at 40/39 (city/highway).

“The all-new MKZ Hybrid proves that thoughtful customers who prioritize fuel economy and reducing emissions do not need to compromise on luxury, driving quality or advanced technology,” said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “MKZ is our strongest proof yet on what the reinvented Lincoln stands for – beautiful vehicles with compelling and warm experiences that create a clear alternative in today’s increasingly competitive luxury marketplace.”
The MKZ Hybrid also holds a pricing advantage over its Lexus counterpart. The MKZ Hybrid starts at $35,925, which is the exact same starting price as the standard MKZ with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (a 3.7-liter V6 is optional).
The Lexus ES 300h commands a heftier $38,850 price of entry.

Source: Lincoln

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RE: ugly
By cknobman on 10/16/2012 10:31:18 AM , Rating: 2
Plus its a Lincoln which is a cheaply gussied up version of the Ford.

I owned a 2008 MKX fully equipped and it was a piece of garbage. Problems with headliner, paint, frame, and SYNC system.

What really killed me with Lincoln was the frame problem. My vehicle pulled to the left and I continually took it back to them to get fixed. 3 times they told me it was an alignment issue (not under warranty) and made me pay for 2 of them (1 was free because I blew up) and every time it did not fix it.

I took the thing to Kwik Kar of all places to have an alignment performed and they lifted the vehicle and brought me out to look at it. They said alignment would do no good and showed me how the frame had shifted.

A freaking oil change place gave me better more reliable service than the dealer!!! Lincoln was just going to keep taking my money while Kwik Kar actually showed me the real problem.

After that I got rid of the thing and needless to say I wont ever be purchasing Ford products again.

RE: ugly
By Dorkyman on 10/16/2012 2:15:36 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry, there has to be more to the story than what you are saying.

So...Lincoln said they didn't know what the problem was, and then the oil change place showed you, and you somehow forgot to take the car back to Lincoln to show them, or they somehow couldn't see the problem?

As an aside, we have an older Lincoln LS. Great car, great interior, quiet.

RE: ugly
By cknobman on 10/17/2012 9:35:28 AM , Rating: 2
That is exactly what I am saying.

I took it back to the dealer and explained to them what I was shown and they said they did not see that the frame had shifted.

That is when I said screw it and traded the Lincoln off for a Toyota.

Also the dealership I purchased from and used for service went out of business in 2011 so maybe I just had a bad experience because of a crappy dealership. Either way it ruined me on Lincoln products.

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