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The company is expected to announce the number of lay offs in the next week -- around the time it will be reporting its quarterly financial results

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will be cutting as much as 30 percent of its staff before the end of the year.

AMD, which makes processors for PCs and servers, is getting ready to lay off anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of its employees in the next few weeks. The company is expected to announce the number of lay offs in the next week -- around the time it will be reporting its quarterly financial results.

This marks AMD's second big staff cut in a year's time. About a year ago, it cut 10 percent of its employees. At the end of Q2 2012, the company said it had 11,737 employees.

Why is AMD making such drastic reductions in staff? Mainly because it is struggling to compete with other chip makers like Intel. Intel has not only grabbed the PC and server markets, but has also dipped into the mobile market as well, offering tablet and smartphone chips. AMD, on the other hand, hasn't made a push for mobile yet. This is clearly problematic, considering the PC market has been in decline in favor of mobile devices, and chip makers like Intel and AMD have to adapt to stay alive.

In addition to competition, SemiAccurate reported that AMD's board is a huge reason as to why the company was forced to make staff cuts. The report said that AMD's board is "incompetent" and that the company "staffed senior management with toadies who would do their bidding rather than do the right thing." SemiAccurate noted that AMD is mainly cutting engineers, and that AMD likely will not survive with this cut.

AMD has already announced ahead of its quarterly earnings report that that revenue would decrease 10 percent instead of the previously forecasted four percent decrease to two percent increase.

However, AMD is hoping for a brighter future with its first mobile chip release for Windows 8 tablets this year.

AMD is expected to announce quarterly earnings this Thursday.

Source: SemiAccurate

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RE: Close but not quite right
By tjacoby on 10/15/2012 11:35:27 PM , Rating: 1
Part II, due to database limitations...

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Not to mention, I went to a private grade school and high school (because my parents worked their asses off, mind you), and the teachers were paid LESS than their public counterparts, yet we consistently scored better by every measure in the area. Coincidence?

I did not want to resort to name calling, but good God man you asked for it. Do you not do any of your own research, or at least take a second to think about logical facts?

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How was Palin any more ignorant that Obama? Tell me, why won't Obama release his college records after crying like a little bitch over Romney's tax returns (which he paid ~15%, or the capital gains rate since he is not being directly paid by anyone, on. Oh, and did I mention that after tax AND charity it amounted to about 58%? Proof: How much has Obama given in charity? What has he given to his brother in Kenya? Ok, get back to me on that one). Palin's state, if you hadn't checked recently, has been running surpluses last I looked. They are giving money BACK to citizens. Also, uh, she, ya know, has run something? What has Obama ran (other than the country, vehemently unsuccessfully)? "Community organizer"? What the hell is that, anyway? Sounds like the kid in grade school put in charge of making sure the kids line up correctly for lunch. Its pathetic.

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Sorry, but you just got "Conservatived", bitch.

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