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Only about 40 percent of Best Buy shoppers leave the store with a purchase in hand, but the retailer wants to bump this percentage up a bit this holiday season

Brick-and-mortar retailers have been battling with online stores for years, but Best Buy is looking to reclaim a place in shoppers' hearts (and wallets) this holiday season with online price matching and free home delivery.

Best Buy announced that it will match the prices of online competitors like Amazon in order to attract more customers. This is huge for Best Buy, considering it has lost a significant amount of business to Amazon alone. With e-tailers like Amazon, customers can shop from the comfort at home, receive lower prices and quick delivery.

But Best Buy isn't betting on price matching alone. It's heating up the competition with free home delivery of products that are out-of-stock as well.

Right now, only about 40 percent of Best Buy shoppers leave the store with a purchase in hand, but the retailer wants to bump this percentage up a bit this holiday season.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to increase that close rate," said Matthew Furman, Best Buy spokesman.

Best Buy isn't alone in its holiday efforts to beat Amazon. Wal-Mart is currently testing a same-day delivery service for customers that who buy popular items off of the Wal-Mart website during the holidays. Toys "R" Us is another brick-and-mortar that is working to speed up delivery and offer price matching -- however, its price matching will not include Amazon, only brick-and-mortar competitors.

An interesting aspect of the holiday season is that a growing number of shoppers have started using brick-and-mortars for showrooms -- or checking out products in person -- then going home to buy the products online.

While this is another hurdle that brick-and-mortars must overcome, strangely, they're embracing this model.

"Let's be the best showroom," said Mike Duke, Wal-Mart CEO. "Let's be the best place where customers want to go and get the experience."

According to the brick-and-mortar stores, they can still offer things that Amazon can't. For instance, human customer service and options for purchase like online and brick-and-mortar stores. They added that Amazon now must collect sales tax in many U.S. states, so prices are not quite as low on the site as before.

To further hinder Amazon's sales, Wal-Mart and Target have stopped selling the e-tailer's Kindle Fire tablet.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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By retrospooty on 10/13/2012 11:28:41 AM , Rating: 2
If its online, defintely pass, but if its an in-store item and BB wants to match Amazons price, how can that be bad. Sometimes you just gotta have it now. If the price is equal and you can walk off with it now i'd do it every time.

Now if I could only walk through a BB store without 9 different losers asking if they can help me I'll be happy. If I need help I will ask you, you blithering ass!!!

By mcnabney on 10/15/2012 10:12:37 AM , Rating: 3
This a meaningless gesture though.

Best Buy get's their own SKUs. While the Samsung TV that Amazon and Best Buy are both selling is identical hardware - they are assigned different model numbers to prevent price matching.

For example - both Amazon and Best Buy sell a specific Samsung 46" HDTV. The SKU at Amazon is UN46EH6000 while Best Buy uses UN46EH6000FXZA. They will not allow price matching because they are 'different models' even though they are identical and only given a different name to distinguish between retailers.

Amazon price is $744.12.
Best Buy won't show you the price unless you add it to your cart and log in/create an account. Yes, I have to give my name, address..... to just see the price at Best Buy. And they wonder why they fail at business. If I was actually shopping, I would have gone right back to Amazon and bought it there.

By retrospooty on 10/15/2012 12:41:38 PM , Rating: 2
I guess so... But I wasnt really thinking about high end items like large TV's just normal electronics. For example, Video cards come out, lets say a fairly high end one that MSRP's for $400. BB and most etailers have it for about that price... 6 months later at Amazon and other etailers its now $200, but at BB and many brick and mortars its still the MSRP. If they can prive match that when I go to buy and I can take it home today its a win, they have my business.

Video cards are an extreme example , but most stuff doesnt drop so fast , but still cheaper on the web, so if you can match the price and take it home you cant lose.

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