Fujitsu sees the storage market heading towards 2.5" and 1.8" hard drives

We can expect many great things from Fujitsu in the storage market over the next few years. One word comes to mind concerning Fujitsu's efforts: miniaturization. When talking to representatives of Fujitsu at CES 2006, they were quick to point out that 2.5" will be come the new standard form-factor for enterprise storage with 1.8" drives taking over in notebooks.

In the notebook sector, the company will join Seagate and Hitachi by offering 2.5" 7200RPM hard drives. 7200RPM drives have been seeing quite an uptick in desktop replacement notebooks and are becoming quite a popular upgrade for other notebook users. The company will also use perpendicular recording to offer storage capacities of up to 200GB by year's end.

The enterprise segment will also see advances in both the 2.5" and 3.5" segments. The company plans expand its range of serial-attached SCSI drives and release models ranging from 10,000RPM (147GB) to 15,000RPM (300GB). The company sees the bulk of enterprise drive sales going to the 2.5" form-factor in the future, so it is channeling more resources into that sector.

In a not too surprising move, Fujitsu has decided to take on Toshiba in the exploding 1.8" hard drive market for music players and ultra portable notebooks. With music players like the iPod and Creative's Zen lineup seeing double digit sales increases year after year, it's no surprise that Fujitsu wants a piece of the action as well. The company will use its alliance with Cornice Inc. to release a 120GB 1.8" drive by the first half of fiscal 2007.

While Fujitsu has made no predictions on how much of the global 1.8" market that it wants to capture in the near future, the company has stated that it wants to achieve 30% marketshare in both the notebook and enterprise markets.

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