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The new automated traffic fine system incorporates sensors built into vehicles and Communication and Information Technologies (CITs)

If you're the type of driver that leans more toward offensive rather than defensive driving, you might want to take it easy on the speeding and pay attention to those stoplights -- systems to automate traffic fines are in the making. 
Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III Madrid's (UC3M) Information and Communication Technology Security Group have been working on the E-SAVE project, which aims to use IT to improve traffic regulation. 
The new automated traffic fine system incorporates sensors built into vehicles and Communication and Information Technologies (CITs). The new system has three main components: a mechanism that allows drivers to report others while maintaining anonymity and authenticity; a way for sending the notification of a fine directly to the vehicle in question, and a mechanism that allows the offending driver to create electronic evidence in order to defend him/herself in the case that they receive a notification. The offending driver can do this by "asking" surrounding drivers with sensors to be witnesses to the scene. 
The whole system is based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication via sensors, where cars can trade information in the flow of traffic and allow for crimes to be reported. 
A huge aspect of the new system is to keep driver information confidential so that credentials are not stolen or abused. It's also important that driver information is updated and accurate for the purpose of sending fines correctly. The team is doing this through a project called PRECIOUS, where cryptographic methods of anonymous authentication and zero knowledge tests are used. This rids the duplication of information. 
The system will be tested in "the coming months."

Source: Universidad Carlos III in Madrid (UC3M)

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RE: This is BULL$#+!.
By Saldrin on 10/10/2012 7:09:20 AM , Rating: 5
Hardware stores will report record sales of wire cutters.

RE: This is BULL$#+!.
By Shadowself on 10/10/2012 9:08:48 AM , Rating: 2
Or a thriving set of mechanics (even if it has to develop into a black market version) that remove this capabilities from cars.

RE: This is BULL$#+!.
By drycrust3 on 10/10/2012 4:29:46 PM , Rating: 2
Just like it's a crime in most countries to drive a car without a registration plate, my guess is someone will feel the need to make it a criminal offense to disconnect this without proper authority.
You may actually find that they also have subtle ways of making it "worth your while" to have one during the transition phase, such as giving you more red lights than if you don't have the gizmo fitted, increasing the cost of whatever standing vehicle taxes you have in America, or that there will be a unit connected to your local gas station petrol pump, meaning it won't dispense fuel to you unless you have a working unit in the car.
Other things will be automated parking fees, so that as soon as you park your car a machine will start to charge you, and if you don't have the gizmo then it will alert the parking wardens to come along and ticket you.
Of course, if your car happens to be stolen you'd think the police would get a minute by minute report as to where your car is and which bank it was parked outside ... but the cynics would say you will probably incur fines because the unit was disconnected illegally, parking charges for two minutes it was parked outside of the bank, and then fines for the illegal speed it was driven away from the bank.

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