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Weeks later, Apple is shipping its expensive 30-pin Lightning adapters

When Apple announced the iPhone early last month with its new 8-pin Lightning dock connector, it seemed like a no-brainer that Apple would have a hefty supply of Lightning to 30-pin Adapters on hand to appease the masses. After all, Apple's decision to ditch its 9-year old 30-pin dock connector meant that customers wouldn't be able to use their existing accessories without an adapter on the iPhone 5.
Inexplicably, Apple was unable to deliver the adapters at launch even though the decision to use Lightning surely didn’t occur overnight. But nearly four weeks after the iPhone 5's release, Apple is just now getting around to shipping the adapters to customers.

Mac Rumors reports that a few Australian customers have received shipping notifications and an estimated delivery date of October 9 for the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.
Apple's standard Lightning to 30-pin Adapter costs $29. Apple is also charging $10 more for a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter that includes an 8" cable if you need some extra length.

Source: Mac Rumors

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RE: Surprised
By croc on 10/8/2012 7:05:27 PM , Rating: -1
Totally off-topic, but I do tend to hold your articles to a slightly higher standard than some others on DailyTech...

Lighting does NOT mean the same as lightning. In your favour, you used the correct (by context) spelling five out of eight times.

The Mark 1 Spelling and Grammar editor wins again! (Use it, please. And please advise your nameless friend (Jason Mick) to do the same.

On topic, when you are the biggest thing that's ever been, do you really have to care anymore? When even your next lousy quarter is going to set records, what do customers, workers, laws, anything... What do they mean? Do they count any more? I mean, if Apple REALLY cared what DailyTech blogged about (or what DailyTech's users commented), they'd just buy the site and install their own writers and moderators. Or, possibly, just tie them up with so many defamation / slander type lawsuits that DailyTech would just close up shop.

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