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Facebook brags on other metrics as well

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made an official announcement today of a significant milestone in the history of the social network. According to Zuckerberg, as of this morning, there are over 1 billion people using Facebook actively each month. Facebook also released some key metrics to go along with its 1 billion monthly active user metric. 
Facebook reached 1 billion monthly active users on September 14 at 12:45 PM Pacific time. Facebook says that since the "Like" feature launched in February of 2009, the network has seen over 1.13 trillion likes. The social network has also facilitated 140.3 billion friend connections and has had 219 million photos uploaded.
Facebook says that the photo metric does not include deleted photos. If the number of photos that were deleted is included in the total, it goes to 265 billion.
Facebook data also shows that the average age of a Facebook user is about 22.

The top five countries for users when the social network hit the 1 billion-user mark were Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States.

Facebook had 500 million active users in July of 2010.

Source: Facebook

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RE: A closer look...
By augiem on 10/4/2012 1:47:28 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't underestimate the duplicate account thing, especially for young(ish) people. When parents and aunts/uncles started jumping on facebook, I'm sure a whole lot of em made 2nd accounts to avoid awkward situations.

As for inactive, I'd guess that's far bigger than 10%. I'm one of them. Haven't even logged into facebook in like a year. I never really used it for anything actually. After I first signed up, I was like "This is it?". I'm constantly amazed every day at what lameo junk these guys in the tech fad industry keep becoming billionaires on.

RE: A closer look...
By Ushio01 on 10/4/2012 1:52:15 PM , Rating: 2
It's 1 billion active accounts which means accessed in the month of september if someone's account wasn't accessed in september it isn't included in the 1 billion figure.

RE: A closer look...
By Ammohunt on 10/4/2012 2:09:59 PM , Rating: 2
I will have to agree i logged in every once and a while only to realize that its just not that cool nor useful for anything other than fighting with family that you otherwise wouldn't fight with and spam.

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