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New remote has a big touchscreen in the middle

Logitech's line of Harmony universal remote controls are some of the most popular universal remotes out there. The Harmony line is notable for being easy to program rather than having to type in long numerical codes for devices. Logitech has announced a new addition to its Harmony line of universal remote controls, and this is the first new remote to be launched in the series in a long time. 
The remote is called the Logitech Harmony Touch and adds an interesting touchscreen to the middle of the remote that looks quite similar to the Harmony One's screen. The main difference in looks between the new Harmony Touch and the Harmony One is the placement of the Touch's 2.4-inch color display.
That color display is designed to show users various buttons and icons. One of the more interesting uses for the screen is to show icons for your favorite channels allowing you to go to those channels with a single tap. The remote control also supports the activities macros that the Harmony line is famous for.
The Activities macros allow you to set up single button presses that will change inputs and turn on specific components for different things such as playing video games or watching movies. All the buttons on the remote control are backlit to make them easy to find and use in the dark. The remote can also be used to initiate Skype video phone calls if your TV is equipped with the Logitech TV Cam HD.

The Logitech Harmony Touch will ship this month at a retail price of $249.99. 

Source: Logitech

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RE: The price... $249.99 ???
By Dr of crap on 10/3/2012 10:35:46 AM , Rating: 0
Save your money and use the remotes that come with the boxes you bought.

I haven't broken one yet, and they all still work - that's right I have 3 remotes, no troubles and I don't need them all at the same time.

But then a fool and his money...

RE: The price... $249.99 ???
By degobah77 on 10/3/2012 10:55:13 AM , Rating: 5
I have the Harmony 900 and it takes the place of;
TV remote
AVR remote
Xbox controller (when not playing games of course)
PS3 controller
CD player remote
Bluray player (non PS3) remote
cable box remote

I am currently at 7 different remotes (can still add more) all combined into one nice looking device. It's perfect for the significant other who doesn't want to juggle remotes. All she has to do is press "Watch TV" or "Play DVD" and it turns everything on that is needed, off which is not needed, and when she's done, one power button to kill everything.

Granted, I was given the remote as a gift, but it's pretty damn cool and I would definitely buy another one.

RE: The price... $249.99 ???
By Souka on 10/3/2012 2:22:17 PM , Rating: 2
Similar here... lots of remotes, some are not working well.

I orginally bought a refurb(ebay) Logitech 510... 4 device limit.

Outgrew it, go a Harmony one and have been happy since.

Also great for my mom and the sitter... if something doesn't work, just hit "help" and answer the questions.... no guessing what Video 1, HDMI 3, source 2, AUX in 3, etc is.

Real simple.

ONLY gripe is that it has to do one command at a time... with a complex start up... it could take 10 signal blasts to get things set.
But... waaayyyyyyy wayyyyy easier than fumbling with 4+ remotes to get the same thing done.

RE: The price... $249.99 ???
By jRaskell on 10/3/2012 3:34:17 PM , Rating: 4
Save your money and use the remotes that come with the boxes you bought.

How about save your money and don't buy 'boxes' at all.
You don't need a tv, or a DVD/blu-ray player, or a gaming console, or cable/satellite service.

Ok, so maybe an argument could be made for the necessity of a tv, but that's about it. Certainly the cheapest 20-27 inch tv would be the absolute most necessary for 'staying connected to the world', but that's still stretching it a bit.

Point is, you don't need any remotes at all. They're a convenience, a want , and once you start delving into the realm of want , any argument based on what you need is utterly irrelevant.

RE: The price... $249.99 ???
By Souka on 10/4/2012 12:16:43 PM , Rating: 2
Amazing post jRaskell... you are a genius

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