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Ultrabooks on the decline

About a month ago, Intel cut the outlook for its Q3 earnings by $1.1 billion. The reduction in earnings indicated that perhaps Intel's ultrabooks weren't selling as well as the company wanted. Intel originally hailed the ultrabook as the next big thing to revive the struggling PC economy. 
So far, ultrabooks haven't performed as well as expected in large part due to the high cost of the machines and increasing popularity of tablets. Research firm IHS iSuppli has cut its shipment expectations for ultrabooks globally during 2012. Previously, iSuppli expected 22 million ultrabooks to ship globally during 2012. The research firm has now cut that estimate to 10.3 million for the entire year.
The research firm cites two major reasons for poor sales in the ultrabook realm citing "nebulous marketing and unappealing price." ISuppli also points a finger at Intel as having to own up to standards that are too strict, confusing the marketplace between what's an ultrabook and what is an ultrathin notebook.

Sony VAIO T13
"So far, the PC industry has failed to create the kind of buzz and excitement among consumers that is required to propel ultrabooks into the mainstream," Craig Stice, IHS's senior principal analyst for computer platforms, wrote in the report.
The research firm also criticized pricing of ultrabooks that sit near $1000 for most units. The company believes that a price cut bringing ultrabooks and the $600-$700 price range could increase sales next year. When Intel first started counting the ultrabook, $600-$700 was the price range many expected the machines to come to market in.
ISuppli believes that Intel's new processor, code-named Haswell, expected to launch in the middle of 2013 will also help improve sales in the ultrabook market. Windows 8 is also expected to have an impact on sales in the segment.

Source: CNN

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RE: Surprise...
By k2oStyle on 10/2/2012 9:27:49 AM , Rating: 2
I just bought Asus Zenbook UX31. I read many reviews before I decided to get this ultrabook. People are having so many problems with it. Sucky touchpad, light bleed, certain keys on the keyboard no longer working etc etc. It's true what they said about the touchpad, it's not that good even when I installed the new driver for it. Now I already felt like I outgrew it. I needed more HDD space, 128GB is not enough and Best Buy didn't have a 256GB version in store. I didn't want to wait because I be leaving to Asia this weekend.

Just knowing your computer can be upgraded later down the road is a reassuring. I know these won't last more than 3 years if I'm lucky. If Ultrabook wants to be success it have to do almost what a laptop can do. Faster CPU, more memory, better graphic etc. If they can do that, it will replace the laptop. DVD drive is no longer requirement.

RE: Surprise...
By StevoLincolnite on 10/2/2012 9:41:47 AM , Rating: 2
If Ultrabook wants to be success it have to do almost what a laptop can do.

See here is the problem to me... They are just a laptop but are on a strict diet in all aspects, be it the form factor or the hardware.

Recently (Like a week ago...) My Convertible Netbook/tablet that I have had for a few years went on a flying lesson so I'm currently looking for a replacement, ultrabooks don't appeal to me at the moment and instead leaning towards another 10" convertible Netbook/tablet if I can find one here in Australia.

RE: Surprise...
By Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer on 10/2/2012 10:39:15 AM , Rating: 2
I needed more HDD space, 128GB is not enough...knowing your computer can be upgraded later down the road is...reassuring.

Exactly. I recently bought a "real" laptop with 4GB of ram and a standard HDD (ThinkPad T430) and right now I'm thinking of swapping the HDD for a SSD, installing an mSATA SSD, and upgrading the RAM to 16GB.

A laptop that can dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows 8/Linux on separate drives with an internal optical drive and 16GB of RAM...yeah. Try doing that with an Ultrabook. I'll definitely take the weight penalty for that kind of flexibility and upgradability.

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