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HD DVD-Rs, followed by 2X BD-R on the way

Verbatim Corporation, a Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM) brand, announced July availability of HD DVD-R media in Japanese markets.  The company then announced that it will be the first to offer 2X (72Mbps) single-layer 25GB Blu-Ray Recordable and Rewriteable media this July as well.  Verbatim has not announced an estimated shp date for the US. 

The 15GB HD DVD-R media will be thrown into production in the early part of July, however the press release says production of 30GB dual layer HD DVD-R media will begin this month.

Like its DVD-R counterparts, HD DVD-R media will feature the Metal AZO recording dye which Verbatim claims to be highly resistant to ultraviolet light and heat which can wear away at the media.

MKM HD DVD-R media is currently manufactured exclusively in the company's Singapore facility.  The company's Blu-ray recordable media is manufactured exclusively at a facility in Mizushima, Japan.  30GB blue laser Ultra Density Optical (UDO) discs are also manufactured at the same Mizushima facility, and Verbatim employees assure us the transition from UDO-R to BD-R manufacturing is seamless and logical.

Pricing was not announced at time of publication. LG just announced a 4X BD-R burner, but as of now there is no 4X (144Mbps) BD-R media.  Pioneer's Blu-ray recorder became available about a month ago.

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RE: 2x
By BigLan on 6/12/2006 12:24:07 AM , Rating: 3
I don't know if 8x will ever catch on in the mainstream. You're talking 36Mbyte/sec continuous write speed, which most consumer level drives would struggle to provide (even high-end drives have a minimum sustained read rate of 40mbyte/sec at the edge.) As soon as a user tries to open IE, play an MP3, has bittorrent open or hits the swap file the harddrive throughput plumets and the bluray drive is going to hit it's cache and maybe rely on burnproof technology.

I think even 4x might be a struggle, especially with laptop hard drives.

RE: 2x
By Xajel on 6/12/2006 1:43:24 AM , Rating: 2
the 36MB/s is exactly 8x speed here... so they may really stop at 8x...

+ they may have something like benchmarking to enable 8x and more... most peoples will go for 4x...

currently I already uses 4x for DVD's and 8x - 16 x for CD's even I can burn at 16x for DVD's and 52x for CD's

20 min for DVD worth the wait if I want good quality burning... and I think 30 min for BD or HD worth more considring the diff in sizes between DVD's ad BD/HD

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