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Windows 8 not at popular as Windows 7 so far

Microsoft has a lot riding on Windows 8 operating system. The software giant is hoping that Windows 8 will bring a slew of consumers upgrading from older computers and older versions of its operating system. Microsoft is also betting that Windows 8 will get a strong foothold in the tablet market as well
So far, users are currently five times less likely to be running Windows 8 as they were Windows 7 at the same point before its launch. The new statistics come from research firm Net Applications and indicate a lukewarm reception of the Windows 8 operating system by consumers.
Windows 7 was a follow-up to Windows Vista, which was one of the more maligned versions of Microsoft's operating system in recent years. Windows 7 lured many upgraders not only from Vista, but from the older XP operating system as well. Windows 8 doesn't have the luxury of following an unloved version of Windows like Windows 7.
The statistics offered by Net Applications only count computer users who installed preview versions of Windows 8 and preview versions of Windows 7. The statistics are believed to provide a clear indication of consumer interest in the operating system rather than a desire or need for new computer hardware.
In September, only 0.33% of all computers using Windows relied on Windows 8. That works out to 33 out of every 10,000 Windows machines using Windows 8. By the end of September 2009, with very similar time remaining before the launch of Windows 7, the operating system accounted for 1.64% of all Windows PCs working out to 164 out of every 10,000 units. 
Analysts are beginning to believe that Microsoft won't see the uptick in OS sales that it hoped for with Windows 8. Gartner recently advised clients that it predicts the operating system would top out at only 20 to 25% share in the corporate environment. 
Windows 8 went RTM in August and will launch this month.

Source: ComputerWorld

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Still on XP, unfortunately
By edge929 on 10/2/2012 10:50:49 AM , Rating: 4
The Fortune 25 company I work for is still riding high on XP. My particular IT division (400) within the company had to get an exception to use Windows 7 for our programming needs, 64-bit and 8GB of RAM to run JVM/JBOSS. We could have gone XP 64-bit but the backwards compatibility wasn't as good as Windows 7 for our usual apps. My wife who works elsewhere in the company is still rocking XP as is 90% of the company. Supposedly there is a plan in motion to upgrade to Windows 7 but they're obviously in no hurry.

RE: Still on XP, unfortunately
By chmilz on 10/2/2012 1:37:18 PM , Rating: 3
That's exactly it. Windows 7 is good and it works, so there's no mega rush to 8 regardless of what the individual view is of the operating system.

There won't be mass adoption of another version of Windows until there's a feature that absolutely must be had, or 7 simply gets too long in the tooth, like XP did.

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