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Jimihendrix-gate?  (Source: Gizmodo)
Purple haze all in my frame, iPhone 5 just don't seem the same...

“You’re holding it wrong”

It never ceases to amaze when manufacturers try to convince people that an issue with something they purchased is actually a “feature”. Apple has most recently tried to convince buyers of the iPhone 5 that the purple haze or ring around bright light sources is normal behavior.
An iPhone 5 owner named Matt Van Gastel had been speaking with Apple customer support about the purple flare problem with his iPhone 5. Gizmodo shows images highlighting the difference between photographs taken in the same setting using iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4. The purple haze around the sun is readily apparent in the iPhone 5 image, and the same purple discoloration shows up with any bright light source.
After going back and forth with Apple support, Van Gastel received an email back from Apple stating that their engineering team has found a solution to the problem. According to Apple, the solution is to "angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures."
The email also went on to say that the purple flare noted in images provided to customer service is "normal behavior for the iPhone 5s camera."
Gizmodo reports that some photography experts believe that the purple flare problem is caused by the sapphire glass that covers the iPhone 5 camera sensor. 

Source: Gizmodo

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By Camikazi on 10/2/2012 1:05:16 PM , Rating: 2
Yes it's a camera issue and the camera is in the iPhone which means it IS an iPhone issue. If anything goes wrong with this particular phone then it will always be an iPhone issue since each piece is a part of the whole.

By BSMonitor on 10/3/2012 9:27:04 AM , Rating: 1
And every other camera in every other smart phone.. Just ignorant ranting noobs think there is a smart phone or any other phone in the world that can take consistent good pictures of the sun...

Good luck with that

By blzd on 10/3/2012 3:36:41 PM , Rating: 2
If it happens in other smartphones, it's not as severe and barely noticeable.

The pics with the ip5 are noticeable, 100% of the time.

I actually kind of like the purpley light everywhere, makes the pics look they've been shooped for free!

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