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Jimihendrix-gate?  (Source: Gizmodo)
Purple haze all in my frame, iPhone 5 just don't seem the same...

“You’re holding it wrong”

It never ceases to amaze when manufacturers try to convince people that an issue with something they purchased is actually a “feature”. Apple has most recently tried to convince buyers of the iPhone 5 that the purple haze or ring around bright light sources is normal behavior.
An iPhone 5 owner named Matt Van Gastel had been speaking with Apple customer support about the purple flare problem with his iPhone 5. Gizmodo shows images highlighting the difference between photographs taken in the same setting using iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4. The purple haze around the sun is readily apparent in the iPhone 5 image, and the same purple discoloration shows up with any bright light source.
After going back and forth with Apple support, Van Gastel received an email back from Apple stating that their engineering team has found a solution to the problem. According to Apple, the solution is to "angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures."
The email also went on to say that the purple flare noted in images provided to customer service is "normal behavior for the iPhone 5s camera."
Gizmodo reports that some photography experts believe that the purple flare problem is caused by the sapphire glass that covers the iPhone 5 camera sensor. 

Source: Gizmodo

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RE: And another...
By djdjohnson on 10/2/2012 12:36:23 PM , Rating: 5
Yes, avoiding bright light sources in your pictures is good advice. But what makes this a big deal to many people is that (1) the previous models of iPhone didn't have a problem this pronounced, (2) the problem exhibits itself even when a light source (which doesn't actually have to be that bright) is out of frame... if a bright light falls on the lens at all the problem shows up, and (3) Apple is touting the iPhone 5 as having the best camera they've ever produced.

Since the image sensor is the same as the one in the 4S, it's kind of aggravating that new, significant problems show up in a product that is supposed to be "better." Other than better low light performance, it would be hard to call this an improvement.

RE: And another...
By artemicion on 10/2/2012 12:43:24 PM , Rating: 3
I wasn't trying to say that the optics on the iPhone 5 camera were acceptable. Obviously, the iPhone 5 camera suffers from a very significant flaw.

Instead, the article appears to focus on Apple's response in a strained attempt to compare it to the infamous "you're holding it wrong" incident. I don't see the comparison.

TBQH, there are so many irrational Apple haters out there that I like to play devil's advocate even though I don't own any Apple products.

RE: And another...
By NicodemusMM on 10/2/2012 1:59:58 PM , Rating: 5
...strained attempt to compare...

There is no attempt needed because it's the same thing different verb. "You're holding wrong" versus "You're pointing it wrong." Basically Apple is saying that it's fine as long as you don't have a source in the general direction that the camera is facing. More of their users-are-the-problem tech support yet your focus is on the article not the issue.

You may not own any Apple products, but it seems you're certainly qualified. Ignore the issue, Attack the people reporting it.

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