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Thanks to two new bills, there is financial relief at last

Whether you're racking up tuition fees now or still paying student loans after graduation, you know one thing is for sure: College is expensive. To make matters worse, the spending doesn't end at a semester of classes -- there's books that need to be purchased as well, and they're worth more than a little bit of pocket change.

But if you're going to school in California, a bit of relief has finally come your way in the form of two bills: SB 1052 and SB 1053. 

Both bills, which were crafted by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), will allow California college students to download up to 50 core textbooks for free in the form of e-books. The e-books are for lower-division courses and are for classes at the University of California, California State University and California Community Colleges. 

More specifically, SB 1052 allows for the development of the e-books and the creation of the California Open Education Resources Council for e-book approvals. SB 1053 has developed the California Digital Open Source Library to store the new e-books. 

"Many students are paying more than $1,000 every year on their textbooks, sometimes having to choose between buying the books they need or paying for food and other living expenses," said Steinberg. 

The new e-book bills were signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday. They are expected to go into effect starting in the 2013-14 school year. 

Digital textbooks are certainly becoming the new way of learning in institutions around the globe. This new form of educational offerings was further boosted by Apple earlier this year, who released iBooks 2 and iBooks Author that allow for the creation of digital textbooks and makes them available for purchase on the iPad. 


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By Ringold on 10/3/2012 7:05:57 PM , Rating: 2
Did you just compare the democratically elected president of the US to a middle eastern dictator?

Hitler was democratically elected. Chavez stirs up all sorts of trouble, democratically elected. The Bolshevik rebellion which brought Stalin to power in Russia, which led to millions purged and scores more in forced labor, was a popular movement! What matters are what they do. You're just trying to hide behind a false veneer.

You are entitled to your opinion. The facts say the first shots were fired by the south and when the opportunity arose the south did invade the north.

I deal in facts here, which you're only loosely acquainted with. The Confederates, you'll note, didn't march north until forced, and it was partly a strategic move. They needed to stay on the move, and they hoped it'd show the yanks it wasn't worth the fight. The South really got pounded when it tried to dig in and fight trench warfare against what amounted to the Zerg.

Why Lee didn't attack the capitol after the battle of Bull Run? Maybe

We don't have to say "maybe," since historians have done the work for us. D.C. was a short march away, some of his men were eager to do it. Nothing would've stopped them. Nothing! Burning D.C. was simply not what they wanted. Again, they wanted to leave peacefully.

What I do dispute is the fallacy of the "war of northern aggression" on an innocent, peace loving, southern people fighting for states rights.

A popular movement of the people of the south wanted to part ways. Any government that attempts to force them from doing so after diplomatic processes have failed seems to be an aggressor to me. How else do you define it?

I'd encourage you to find a group of historical documents that prove the South was interested in truly by the aggressor with some goal other than parting ways with the North. That'd require documents among the CSA leadership and generals seeking, say, retribution, slaughtering yanks, or acquiring addition territory. It's not just my opinion; those documents simply don't exist. I think you've just listened a little too much to popular left-leaning, history-of-the-victor mythology, and not done enough research.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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