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No contract after nearly a year of negotiations

Negotiations between the U.S. government and Lockheed Martin over the $400 billion F-35 Lightning II program have been tense. Defense News reports that one deputy program manager said that the relationship between the Department of Defense and Lockheed is "the worst I have ever seen." 
After that comment was made, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated, "I don't know that I would portray it in those terms. These are difficult negotiations, as they always are when you're dealing with the amount of money and the complexity that's involved with the Joint Strike Fighter."
Defense News reports that last week Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter put his support behind comments made by Air Force Major General Christopher Bogdan. Bogdan had harsh words for Lockheed Martin’s failure to sign a contract with the Pentagon for 32 F-35 fighters after almost a year of negotiations.
However, Panetta does not agree that the relationship between the U.S. government Lockheed is the worst he's ever seen.

Lockheed F-35B Lightning II fighters [Source: Lockheed Martin]
“I don't share it, number one, because … I don't know the history of just how much has gone on in the past,” Panetta said. “But at least from what I have seen at this point, my view of it is these are very tough negotiations, but they aren't a reflection that either side has given up or thinks that the other side, you know, is in a more difficult state at all.”
Panetta is also reportedly unhappy that Congress won't be back in session until after the elections in November. An initial round of budget cuts in defense spending is set to begin in January. With Congress out of session until the elections are over, there is no chance of avoiding or delaying the defense spending cuts.
Panetta said, "I'll take whatever the hell deal they can make right now to deal with sequestration. The problem now is that they've left town and all of this has now been put off into the lame duck session."
“We need stability,” he said. “You want a strong national defense for this country? I need to have some stability. And that's what I'm asking the Congress to do: Give me some stability with regards to the funding of the Defense Department for the future.”

Source: Defense News

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By Ringold on 9/30/2012 9:18:33 PM , Rating: 2
Nothing motivates a country or its populace like the imminent threat of elimination.

The country wouldn't be eliminated, just their military apparatus and capacity, both in war materiel and human capital. Which is different then what they promise Israel; total elimination.

But yes, I've actually read a little history, so of course I believe it. You're a modern Neville Chamberlain. You completely fail to understand the logic that kept the "cold" in Cold War, like I said. Yes, there were proxy battles, but Warsaw Pact and NATO forces never engaged because both sides promised annihilation, and both sides BELIEVED the other side was serious.

To undermine your argument further, Obama's already promised military action! He's just not believable. Do you know how we got out of Vietnam? We got them to agree to the peace treaty (really, a cease fire that allowed us to leave) because they actually believed Nixon was borderline insane and if he couldn't get a diplomatic breakthrough, he intended to start turning Vietnam in to a nuclear wasteland. True story; read some history books on the matter. Nixon had State Department people purposefully leak that impression.

I also didn't say it'd necessarily work. I do believe, however, if you liberals bother to look at history, that history suggests the best CHANCE of avoiding war with Iran is to make my aforementioned promise. It's worked before in history; appeasement and pandering, by contrast, I'm not aware of ever working.

The left should seriously bone up on their history, it's the largest single intellectual failing they have as a group, and pretty annoying.

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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