Two firms will also work together in the consumer camera market

Most people probably recognize the Olympus name thanks to its line of consumer digital cameras and lenses. Sony is also big in the consumer digital imaging market, and professional market following its acquisition of Konica-Minolta’s camera business. What some people may not know is that Olympus also has a significant presence in the medical field with a number of products used for medical imaging and other needs.
Sony and Olympus have announced a new partnership today that will have the two companies forming a business alliance and capital alliance through the third-party allotment of Olympus common shares to Sony. The partnership is aimed at allowing the companies to combine Olympus' lens and optical technologies along with its brand and R&D capabilities with Sony's broad range of technology, including digital imaging and apply the technology to the medical market.
In the medical realm, the companies hope to develop and market new products such as surgical endoscopes and video microscopes along with the development of new medical products and businesses. Olympus wants to leverage Sony's strength in imaging technology such as image sensors and image hardware, including 3-D and 4K technology. 4K technology has resolution significantly higher than full HD and in the medical market, more resolution is critically important. The better resolution a surgeon has via an endoscope, the more accurate he can be during surgery or diagnosis.
Sony and Olympus also plan to apply their new business relationship to compact digital cameras in the consumer market.
Olympus will issue 34,387,900 common shares of its stock to Sony through a third-party allotment. The first 13,100,000 shares of Olympus stock will be granted to Sony on October 23. The second payment of 21,287,900 shares will be granted somewhere between October 23 of 2012 and February 28, 2013. The share price is 1454 per share, presumably that is in Japanese yen but that is unspecified.

Source: Sony [PDF]

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