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Microsoft previously admitted to not offering users a choice in browsers for Windows 7

Microsoft is been in hot water more than once over its practices of bundling browsers with its Windows operating system. Several years ago, EU regulators forced Microsoft to go to a ballot screen that allowed people more clarity in their choice for browsers. More recently, Microsoft has found itself under fire for changes to the browser ballot screen in Windows 7 and could face additional fines.
EU regulators announced today that they are preparing to charge Microsoft for failing to comply with the 2009 ruling.
"The next step is to open a formal proceeding into the company's breach of an agreement. We are working on this," EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told reporters.
"It should not be a long investigation because the company itself explicitly recognized its breach of the agreement."
Regulators began investigating Microsoft in July; marking the first time Microsoft had failed to meet commitments under the EU antitrust ruling against it. Microsoft faces massive fines of up to 10% of its global turnover reports Reuters. Surprisingly, Microsoft admitted that it did not offer users a choice of browsers in Windows 7.
Microsoft may not be the only major technology firm in hot water with EU regulators. Almunia has also warned Google that it faces problems if it doesn't do more to address allegations that it may have undermined its competitors in the search market.
"If remedies offered by Google can eliminate our concerns, we will succeed in reaching an agreement. Otherwise, the legal road is a long one," Almunia said.

Source: Reuters

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RE: Funny....
By GotThumbs on 9/27/2012 11:17:56 AM , Rating: 4
That excuse is getting old.

Attempting to justify Apple's clearly restrictive and closed ecosystem by saying they are not as big as MS is just lying to yourself.

If you don't think Apple is big....have you looked at thier revenues recently in the past years. They are way beyond mom and pop.

Get your head out of the sand. You can lie to yourself, but don't try to push that lie onto others. It reflect poorly on your view of reality.

Best Wishes,

RE: Funny....
By BZDTemp on 9/27/2012 12:04:06 PM , Rating: 2
LOL You're the one with the head in the sand.

The proceeding covered here are not about behavior they are about behavior of a company having a controlling market share in one or more markets.

Sure Apple is big and they are certainly behaving like major pricks but they haven't got market control of anything except perhaps parts of the on-line music/media business (which the EU and others are looking into).

RE: Funny....
By semiconshawn on 9/27/2012 4:14:13 PM , Rating: 2
Cash has nothing to do with market control. Apple is losing market control by the minute. They are making more money by a factor of 10 than almost any other player in the game. Apples closed ecosystem itself has competition. You have to buy into the ecosystem, if you dont want to you can go with Android/Google, Microsoft, or Amazon or a combination of both with some. More people have now and are going in that direction according to most metrics. I have all 3 companies procucts in my house. I fail to see how one has an unfair advantage at this point and should be hampered by govt BS.

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