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TiVo may also have its boxes support Verizon's upcoming video streaming efforts with Redbox

Verizon Communications is paying TiVo Inc. a little over $250 million USD to settle a patent lawsuit, which could potentially lead to other court victories for TiVo.
TiVo, the digital video recorder box company, will receive $250.4 million from Verizon in a patent lawsuit regarding TiVo's digital video technology. Verizon will pay $100 million right away in cash, and pay the other $150.4 million via quarterly payments through July 2018. 
But that's not all TiVo gets out of the deal. TiVo may also have its boxes support Verizon's upcoming video streaming efforts with Redbox, which will help them compete with Netflix. Also, Verizon will pay licensing fees to TiVo on a monthly basis through July 2018 on a per-DVR customer deal. 
Verizon gets something out of the deal, too -- all other pending litigation between the two has been put to rest.
TiVo is involved in many patent lawsuits concerning its video recording technology. Some of the other companies it's facing in court is Time Warner Cable and Motorola Mobility. The settlement with Verizon may set an example for Time Warner Cable and Motorola Mobility to settle as well. 
TiVo has also won patent litigations against AT&T, EchoStar Corp and DISH Network all in the last year. 

Source: Reuters

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By bah12 on 9/25/2012 4:54:07 PM , Rating: 4
Ok normally I'm all about the patent lawsuit hate. But here for some reason I tend to think it is justified.

I think it is because TiVo was such a revolutionary idea when the very first boxes came out. It takes some age mind you, but those of us who remember pre-DVR days can recall the joy TiVo brought to our lives. It wasn't just a square box with round corners, it really is one of the most dramatic inventions in recent history.

When the first TiVo's came out, there wasn't really anyone doing even a crappy DVR (heck it was uber expensive just to think of a capture card let alone the rest of the hardware). Next to possibly the smart phone (and I'd argue DVR's are still more prevelant), I cannot recall a bigger more all reaching invention than the DVR, and TiVo was the first to do it.

I was in shock to see how quickly the pioneer of the industry was brushed aside with cable/satellite branded knock-offs. Kudos to them for getting some back.

Come to think of it the true telling sign of just how big a deal Tivo was, is that we almost all have DVR's now. Think about that, if big media could have guessed it would take off like it did they would have crushed it. It gained so much market share so quickly, the networks didn't have time to neutuer it to hell like Netflix and Hulu. Think of all the lost ad revenue, I personally cannot recall the last time I saw a whole commercial.

God bless you Tivo!!

RE: ...
By cubby1223 on 9/26/2012 2:36:43 AM , Rating: 2
Who rated your comment upwards?

Your entire basis for feeling this lawsuit is justified is because you personally liked one of their products?

Does that make my opinion of hating this lawsuit because I like Verizon's service any less important?

That's some wonderful thinking! Lawsuits should be decided by popular opinion polls!

(for the record I do not have cell service through Verizon, really have no opinion at all on Verizon's business)

RE: ...
By bah12 on 9/26/2012 1:13:30 PM , Rating: 2
No my reason for being OK with is it,is that it was truly innovative and thus deserves protection. It was genuinely unique, and I find it sad that the ones breaking ground were so easily ripped off by the generic DVR boxes we have today.

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