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Nokia uses an infographic to tout the Lumia 920's advantages

Samsung has definitely had its time to poke fun at Apple's recently announced (and soon to be released) iPhone 5. Last weekend, Samsung released a print ad that proclaimed "It doesn't take a genius" to select a Galaxy S III over the iPhone 5. Yesterday, Samsung got even bolder by releasing a new TV commercial that not only poked fun at the iPhone 5, but also the rabid fans that camp out for hours (if not days) to be the first to have the latest Apple smartphone.
Now, Nokia is having its fun in the sun with an infographic that touts the advantages of its Windows Phone 8 device -- the Lumia 920 -- over the iPhone 5. Naturally, Nokia points to a number of Lumia 920 highlights including wireless charging and the ability to use the touch screen with gloved hands.
So what do you guys think? Does Samsung or Nokia make a better case in countering the iPhone 5 juggernaut?

Source: Nokia [Twitter]

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Bad color for background
By Dug on 9/20/2012 4:44:19 PM , Rating: 2
Light blue background makes it very hard to read. They want to talk superior design, but honestly that is not the right way.

What they call a feature may work against them.

Some people may like a larger screen, but many don't-
There is something to be said for one handed navigation.
There's also something to be said for thin and light.
I look at the Lumia 920 as too big and heavy. The recently announced HTC on the other hand looks a lot better.
I know several people that bought a larger phone because they were attracted to the larger screen, but now wish they had a smaller phone again.

Being able to navigate the UI with anything might be a burden-
Imagine if you left your phone on and slipped it in your pocket. Just walking would trigger different things on the screen. Or anything that accidentally touches the screen such as a shirt cuff or jacket. I think it would get annoying.

I don't see too many people using 3D Maps or Augment Reality Map. I think Google's street view is better than both.

I don't see the benefit of the wireless charging-
You have to place it in the same spot every time unless you want to carry the charging pad around with you or buy multiple charging pads which will be expensive.

The accessory part is a joke-
Who named it JBL PlayUP Portable Speaker for Nokia Monster Wireless Bluetooth Headphone? That really roles of the tongue.

The one thing that may be better is the camera. Although I think showing off panorama is a mistake. It's just not often used or practical.

I would be more interested in speed, battery life, call quality, usable apps, integration with other devices.

I would also like to see how it handles voice commands. One thing I like is being able to say and address and get directions. I also like it to read texts so I don't have to look at my phone.

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