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  (Source: Samsung Mobile USA)
Samsung hits comedy gold... again

Samsung knows a good thing when it sees it. The company struck gold with its TV commercials mocking iPhone users late last year. The commercials depicted rabid Apple fans that wait in long lines to snap up the latest iteration of the iPhone.
Over the weekend, Samsung upped the ante with a print ad that directly went after Apple's new iPhone 5.
And now, Samsung is ready for a second round of "Apple Mockery" TV advertising. If the first commercials were amusing to you, this one is sure to tickle your funny bone as well. 

Here are some choice quotes:

"They're saying this phone is going to be like a precious jewel"
"All I'm saying is they should have a priority line for people that have waited 5 times"


Source: Samsung Mobile USA

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RE: when you've got nothing to say
By retrospooty on 9/19/2012 8:47:00 PM , Rating: 4
" No 5" screen, no physical keyboard, no swappable storage, no swappable battery, no fiddly tweaking of the home screen"

That and... No HD screen, no Micro USB, no plug and detect as a flash drive to copy files from any computer or other device, no NFC.

All I am saying is that its a lot of "no" for a high end phone.

RE: when you've got nothing to say
By elleehswon on 9/20/2012 8:38:57 AM , Rating: 2
remember when the people reviewing the iphone 4 were saying how "solid" it was (as in heavy for the form factor)? now the apple gods have determined lighter is now better. next time, heavier will be better as we will have deemed it so.

RE: when you've got nothing to say
By retrospooty on 9/20/2012 9:45:27 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, and 3.5 inch was the perfect screen size... until it wasnt. 4g was unnecessary, until it was.

By TakinYourPoints on 9/22/2012 12:34:36 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, and 3.5 inch was the perfect screen size... until it wasnt.

They kept the width the same. A hacky workaround but one that works given the goal of one-handed operation.

4g was unnecessary, until it was.

Correction, 4G was impractical until this summer when Qualcomm released their 28nm LTE chips. Putting one in the 4S would have meant either making the phone huge to fit a giant battery (thus killing one-hand performance and ruining high-DPI), or it would have meant half the battery life of the iPhone 4.

There was a point to Apple waiting for Qualcomm's new LTE chips. Now its in and the iPhone 5 is the fastest phone on the market while being about half the size of an S3. Extremely impressive.

Come on dude, you're not a complete idiot, I know you're better than this. Don't make stupid posts.

By TakinYourPoints on 9/22/2012 12:19:43 AM , Rating: 2
An HD screen would have meant widening the phone. I'm fine with leaving it how it is for one-handed operating, especially since the DPI is so high. The screen is excellent, certainly better than the pentile screen in an S3.

The S2 and S3 have fewer sub-pixels than other "lower" resolution displays. Who cares about an HD screen when it looks worse?

No micro-USB, eh, whatever, I don't own any other micro-USB devices anyway. There are apps to plug in and use as a flash drive, so that's a useless argument. NFC is a negative for some people, and it might be for me once it is ubiquitous and still omitted. Otherwise, not a big deal.

Those are all fine trade-offs for the best hardware running the best apps. Its actually stretching for excuses if you ask me, but whatever.

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