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The live report said the iPhone 5 has a "laser keyboard" and "holographic images"

A news outlet in New York made a huge goof in its recent iPhone 5 coverage, saying that the new Apple device has new features like a laser keyboard.

Fox 5 New York (WNYW), a local television station in NYC, recently ran a live report ahead of the iPhone 5 release in front of a 5th Avenue Apple store. The broadcast aimed to interview hardcore Apple fans sleeping outside of the store until the iPhone 5's release this Friday.

However, the live broadcast went seriously wrong when the reporter described the iPhone 5's features. Instead of talking about the iPhone's new screen size or 4G LTE capabilities, the reporter described a "laser keyboard" and "holographic images." What?

Clearly, the iPhone 5 doesn't have these features. So why did Fox 5 New York report it? Apparently, whoever did the fact-checking for Fox 5 that day grabbed a concept video from Aatma Studio, which discussed what the iPhone could hypothetically do. To make matters worse, the concept video is a year old already.

Check out the live broadcast here:

Source: TUAW

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By EnzoFX on 9/18/2012 8:34:17 PM , Rating: 3
They've never been much for facts.

RE: Well...
By Kel Ghu on 9/18/2012 8:48:16 PM , Rating: 2
Accurate facts have never been the strong point of american journalism... Sensationalism is...

RE: Well...
By Devilboy1313 on 9/19/2012 2:02:32 AM , Rating: 2
Whenever I watch American news I always think of the song "Dirty Laundry".

That said I'm surprised that FOX even has fact checking. I thought they just made up 99% of the stuff they said. Some days it does seem that way.

And I doubt most American (and to a lesser extent every other country in the world) news programs/networks even know the concept of journalism. Infotainment yep, op-ed (opinion) segments yep, but not actual journalism. Very rare concept where they provide unbiased facts and lets the viewer (reader) draw their own conclusions.

RE: Well...
By Paj on 9/19/2012 7:24:45 AM , Rating: 2
Its hard to get a balanced viewpoint if you only rely on one news source.

For instance, the Guardian in the UK has a generally excellent standard of journalism, having reported several of the UK's biggest stories in relation to the Murdoch saga. The opinion pieces are generally pretty left.

But then you get something like the Economist, which also has an excellent standard of journalism, but with a more right slant. When both present their arguments as fact, then the truth is most likely to lie in the middle.

I try not to rely too much on TV news, as this is much more infotainment and opinion than many print or online media organisations.

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