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AT&T iPhone 5 will support voice and data simultaneously

No matter how you feel about the iPhone 5 that was unveiled this week, it's an interesting smartphone to most people. However, we're learning that the phone can't support cellular data and voice calls at the same time on certain 4G LTE networks.
Specifically, the iPhone 5 will be unable to handle simultaneous voice and data use on Verizon Wireless and Sprint versions of the device. This is due to a limitation in the CDMA specification that those two networks use. However, some 4G LTE smartphones on the Verizon network will allow users to make voice calls and use data connectivity at the same time. The iPhone 5 is unable to do this due to design decisions that Apple made.
“The iPhone 5 is designed to allow customers to make voice calls on the Verizon Wireless network and surf the Web on Wi-Fi,” Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney said in an e-mail. “It was an Apple decision." 

The New York Times reports that when users place a voice call while connected to 4G LTE network the phone call the defaults to the carriers older second or third-generation networks because LTE networks can't support voice calls at this time.

The reason AT&T iPhone 5 buyers can place phone calls and use data at the same time is because both of those functions roll back to the older AT&T 3G network, which is capable handling both simultaneously. 

Sources: New York Times, AnandTech

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Take a deep breathe and take a look
By Realist1986 on 9/18/2012 8:12:32 PM , Rating: 2
First of all the article itself fails to explain why AT&T's LTE Network is capable of data and voice at the same time. You state that it is because the 3G network did it, which is not an adequate explanation. AT&T's 3G and the LTE network evolved from a GSM/UMTS network which is other than CDMA a more widely used mobile communications standard and consists of additional/higher specifications and co existed with GSM. Voice over GSM data over UMTS.

No other countries than the U.S., Canada and Mexico actually run CDMA networks for mobile communications. It seems like this is a valid business decision on Apples side. It might have been Apples decision not to fort the cost in further developing a technology on a standard that is not really used anywhere else but it was Verizon's and Sprint's to choose CDMA.

About the LTE Standard fully functioning!? That's an overstatement. No carrier in the world has yet commercially reached or offered the theoretical max speed defined in the actual LTE specification/standard.

What AT&T & Verizon call 3G and 4G and what Sprint calls 3G and 4G are entirely different things and how every phone reacts within those networks does not just depend on the carrier and the phone manufacturer (or Apple's choices)

By Sha52 on 9/25/2012 10:53:57 AM , Rating: 2
It's Apple's fault. They decided not to put a third antenna in the iPhone 5 because they wanted to reduce manufacturing costs associated with making custom CDMA phones for Sprint and Verizon. The third antenna enables simultaneous talk and surf on all the 4G LTE Android phones for Sprint and Verizon. So Apple crippled their CDMA iPhone 5 to increase its profit margin. Talk about a crippled bad-quality phone. Apple is now a hypocrite because it used to run commercial on TV to mock Verizon's network for not having this feature. So now HTC and Samsung should return the favor with the same type of commercials Apple and AT&T used to make. If you want to tell Apple about how unhappy you are about the lack of this feature, write to them at

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