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Apple releases its next generation iPhone

What do you think of the iPhone 5?
  • I'll be pre-ordering one on Sept. 14 or purchasing one soon after. (643 votes)
  • I like the iPhone 5, but I'll have to wait until my contract is up to purchase one. (3,827 votes)
  • It's an OK phone, but I won't be buying one. (1,794 votes)
  • Over my dead body; Android 4 Life! (1,506 votes)
  • My heart and soul belong to Windows Phone! (749 votes)
  • Who needs Apple; my thumbs belong to my Blackberry! (159 votes)

  • 8,678 total votes

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Not the best worded survey...
By Trisped on 9/17/2012 1:52:54 PM , Rating: 2
Yet another survey from DailyTech which uses emotional wording.

For example, my heart and soul do not belong to Windows Phone, but I am waiting to upgrade from my flip phone for a good Windows Phone device.

While these emotionally worded surveys probably get more notice, a simpler survey would provide more accurate results.

RE: Not the best worded survey...
By aharris02 on 9/17/2012 7:23:04 PM , Rating: 2
Bless your heart. You're clearly new around here and haven't noticed that DT is all about the emotional response because it drives page clicks.

The dialogue, internal or external, which prompted the planning of said survey probably went like this:

Brandon Hill: "We should make a survey about the iPhone 5!"
BH's Internal Dialogue: "Yeah! We'll totally make Apple customers see how stupid they are for wanting to buy one. Just wait!"
BH: "You bet we will Internal Dialogue. Android totally pwns the new iPhone."
BH's ID: "Android pwnage, Apple fanbois, Samsung, and pageclicks! OMERGADS this is going to be AWESOME!!"

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