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Apple releases its next generation iPhone

What do you think of the iPhone 5?
  • I'll be pre-ordering one on Sept. 14 or purchasing one soon after. (643 votes)
  • I like the iPhone 5, but I'll have to wait until my contract is up to purchase one. (3,827 votes)
  • It's an OK phone, but I won't be buying one. (1,794 votes)
  • Over my dead body; Android 4 Life! (1,506 votes)
  • My heart and soul belong to Windows Phone! (749 votes)
  • Who needs Apple; my thumbs belong to my Blackberry! (159 votes)

  • 8,678 total votes

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What is really new ?.
By fteoath64 on 9/15/2012 10:50:28 PM , Rating: 2
There is nothing much to offer over the old model except for more speed. So who is buying speed for a smartphone ?. People pay for functionality and features. Even a sports car enthusiast buys more than speed in a car, they tend to prefer the "other things" like better handling or better interior or equipment.

Basically, it is nothing really new in the iPhone 5 except for the name. Many cannot seem to know they are buying the almost the same phone since 2007. What a business for Apple!.

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