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Samsung S3 is a major success

When it comes to the most popular Android smartphones on the market, Samsung traditionally has held that honor. Samsung has announced that it has sold more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones in the device's first 100 days of availability. 
The S3 launched at the end of May and according to Samsung the device has sold at rate of about 200,000 units per day. The S3 reached the 20 million sold mark about three times faster than its predecessor the S2, and about six times faster than the original Galaxy S. Samsung offered details breaking down the 20 million number by country.
According to the manufacturer 6 million of the sales came in Europe, 4.5 million units were sold in Asia, 4 million units were sold in North America, and 2.5 million were sold in Korea. While sales of the S3 reached the 20 million mark quicker than the two previous S devices, the S3 still has a way to go to match raw sales numbers for its predecessors.
So far, the S2 has sold 28 million units, and the original S has sold 24 million units as of this June.
A Samsung spokesperson said, "Galaxy S III is for non-technical people to evolve and in smart phones the global smartphone market. [Samsung] is making a few changes to the [smartphone] and will try our best to provide a special experience for consumers to differentiate continuous innovation through the creation of products in the future."

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RE: Good for them
By bupkus on 9/6/2012 1:25:17 PM , Rating: 1
I believe Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility was not simply for their patents but to reassert control over Android. When Google released the Nexus 7 it was the first device with Android JB. I bought one not just for the price but for JB and the promise of future Android improvements via updates.

I can't say which way Samsung will go with their OS but I don't expect them to separate from the Android trunk. To differentiate too much means taking additional programming burden on themselves. Additionally, their unequivocal rejection of webOS shows they don't want their own OS.

Rather, I see Samsung offering more phones with Windows 8. Unlike you I see MS gradually carving a stronger presence in the mobility market. MS may have started late but they have the resources to correct their stumbling. I expect Samsung to use MS as a protective patent shield for this line of their products.

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