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Nokia reveals its Windows Phone 8 devices

Nokia has a lot to prove with its Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia’s decision to go “all-in” with Microsoft’s mobile operating system hasn’t exactly paid off for the company yet, so this may be the last chance for the company to pull in new customers and grab market share away from industry heavy hitters like Google (Android) and Apple (iOS).
If you’ve been following the tech news sector for the past week, Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 announcements today shouldn’t come as a surprise. EVLeaks did its name proud and leaked specs, pictures, and accessories for both the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 PureView. However, it’s nice to have that information now confirmed.

The Lumia 920 is the flagship model and features a 4.5” WXGA (768x1280) curved glass display, 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 32GB of storage, 2000 mAh battery, integrated NFC, built-in wireless charging using the Qi wireless standard, and of course, Windows Phone 8.

The polycarbonate body from the Lumia 900 is updated for Lumia 920 duty and is available in yellow, red, white, grey, and black. The phone features ceramic keys and camera surround to resist scratches. Interestingly, the Lumia 920 can also work with gloved hands.

JBL's Power Up external speaker can communicate with the Lumia 920 via NFC, and it wirelessly charges the phone as well.
The Lumia 920 features an 8.7MP camera (f/2.0)with a Carl Zeiss lens. The PureView camera used in the Lumia 920 captures 5x to 10x the light of competing smartphones and uses a floating lens that surpasses the image stabilization methods used by competitors according to Nokia.

PureView in action. A night shot using a high-end competitor's camera at defaut settins (left) verus the Lumia 920 (right). [Click to Enlarge]

Nokia also announced the Lumia 820, which features the same polycarbonate body. It has a 4.3" display (480x800), 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8GB of storage, microSD slot, NFC, 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 1650 mAh battery and all the added software functionality of the Lumia 920. 
The Lumia 820 also has removable shells that are available in different colors, so you can change the color of your smartphone to suit your mood. In addition, there will be removable shells available that add wireless charging functionality.

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 definitely look promising, and we wish Nokia all the best in the cutthroat smartphone sector with these latest entries. With HP/PalmOS pretty much out of commission and RIM stumbling badly, only Windows Phone 8 stands a credible chance of taking on Google and Apple. Microsoft definitely has the money to push Windows Phone 8, but the question becomes if Nokia can deliver on its end as being a torchbearer for the mobile operating system.
However, Nokia isn't the only company strutting out new Windows Phone 8-based devices. Samsung has already showed off its aluminum-bodied ATIV S, which is a stark contrast from the polycarbonate bodies used on Nokia's latest wares. The ATIV S (available in 16GB and 32GB varieties) features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen and an 8MP camera.

Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia Lumia 820

Sources: Nokia Lumia 920 specs, Nokia Lumia 820 specs

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RE: Typical Microsoft
By andre-bch on 9/5/2012 7:47:51 PM , Rating: 4
1. The so called quad-core snapdragon that you're so fond of is also form the S4 family. So I guess it's old too, right. /S

2. WP8 supports multi-core processors, meaning 2 and up. Just because samsung or nokia haven't used a useless quad-core, it doesn't mean WP doesn't support it. BTW, both
820 and 920 have LTE.

3. HTC one X also doesn't have a card slot and it's still a high-end device.

WP8 supports all the latest hardware. I suggest you stop trolling now.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By MartyLK on 9/5/2012 8:15:39 PM , Rating: 1
Correct, the One-X doesn't have expandable memory. And that's why Samsung is kicking their butts on sales.

The quad-core Snapdragon *is* the latest technology with individual-core power control. The current dual-core S4 doesn't have that ability. In a couple months, when Samsung and HTC release devices with the quad S4, WP hardware will still be stuck with "yesterday's" tech.

WP might support all of the latest tech, but Microsoft apparently doesn't. Just like HTC losing their rears on their decision to not only eliminate the expandable memory from the One-X and limit the internal storage to a measly 16GB (with an actual user storage space of 11GB), so also Microsoft is going to lose their rears on WP when people sneer at the offerings and turn to the modern and highly praised Android offerings.

Contrary to what Microsoft seems to believe, a company has to actually give the consumer what they want and what appeals to them before they decide to divert from the tried and true system they currently use. WP doesn't offer anything more than what Android or iOS currently offers. And WP actually offers less. Microsoft has no hope of gaining in the smartphone market with aged and featureless products.

And on top of all this, the people who actually know WP and who might most likely consider WP8 because they have familiarity with the system, Microsoft is crapping on by dropping continued support past WP7.8. There's a whole segment of users that will have hard feelings about that and decide to abandon it.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By Kyuu on 9/6/2012 11:18:05 AM , Rating: 2
Nobody except spec-whores gives a hoot about quad-core SoCs. They're simply unnecessary for smartphones. There's nothing out-of-date about the dual-core S4 Snapdragons, and they will be more than adequate for any smartphone task for a long time to come.

Yes, the lack of a microSD slot is a bummer, but they're being generous with the internal NAND. Attributing HTC's falling behind Samsung solely to the non-inclusion of microSD is pretty funny, btw.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By MartyLK on 9/6/2012 7:43:33 PM , Rating: 2
Funny that that has been the slogan associated with WP from the beginning. Anytime someone ever brought up higher spec alternative devices, the most common and prevalent response was exactly what you iterated. That's another thing that seems to be synonymous with WP - making excuses for the lacking nature of the hardware.

Well, while you WP users are languishing with your "yesterday" geek, the rest of the world will be enjoying quad-core technology that will resolve battery life issues - having separate power control of the cores for current demand (powering down up to 3 cores when they aren't needed). Cutting-edge tech that WP adopters will not have.

Enjoy! :)

RE: Typical Microsoft
By andre-bch on 9/6/2012 9:26:26 PM , Rating: 3
You are one persistent troll; I give you that. Are you having fun ignoring the facts?

RE: Typical Microsoft
By MartyLK on 9/6/2012 10:48:52 PM , Rating: 2
Having more fun than you - apparently.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By andre-bch on 9/8/2012 10:29:05 AM , Rating: 2
And? WP supports quad-cores, so I don't know what you're talking about.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By MartyLK on 9/8/2012 12:10:03 PM , Rating: 2
Sure, WP might support quad-core. But by the time MS or its OEMs put out quad-core devices, Android and Apple will be onto their next advancements. That's the point. MS is always playing catch-up and never catching up. They have blatantly put out a product that is as featureless as smartphones were 4 years ago. I said this in the original post. How is it you didn't catch the meaning? Do you, like all WP fans, keep your head in the sand and ignore reality?

RE: Typical Microsoft
By andre-bch on 9/8/2012 7:20:59 PM , Rating: 2
I bet even if say, HTC, announces a krait quad-core phone, you'll still find something else to bash. Yeah, I get it, you don't like MS. All is good. Move over please.

RE: Typical Microsoft
By MartyLK on 9/8/2012 7:36:25 PM , Rating: 2
It isn't that I don't like Microsoft - though charging for Netflix use on the XBOX is pretty low, it's that they are idiots or arrogant. They have a superfine mobile OS and can't figure out how to capitalize on it or just arrogantly believe they can put out a featureless system and people should buy it. They make me think of a money screwing a football.

This business with Nokia - that's just insane. Nokia has never been a reputable company and will hang around MS's neck like a grindstone. MS thinks Nokia is the answer. But in reality, Nokia will kill them. Maybe that's good because MS being ignorant of how to handle WP, they should go the way of the dinosaur.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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