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Samsung score a victory over Apple

Samsung has had a pretty rough couple of week following its loss to Apple in a California district court. Samsung was found guilty of infringing on various Apple design patents and was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages. To add insult to injury, Apple is looking to add the flagship Galaxy S III to the banned list in the U.S.
Even with all of that bad news swirling around Samsung, the South Korean company can at least take solace in the fact that its Galaxy S III has knocked the Apple iPhone 4S off its perch as the best-selling smartphone in America.

Samsung Galaxy S III
"We believe this is the first month since the iPhone 4S launched in October 2011 that it was not the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. market," said Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley.
However, Samsung's victory over Apple may be short-lived. Apple has officially confirmed a September 12 press event to announce the next generation iPhone. Sales will likely start towards the end of September.

Source: CNET

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By Shadowself on 9/4/2012 3:03:11 PM , Rating: 2
Jason, you know as well as anyone else that the primary reason for the fall in iPhone sales in the past month is because for well over a month it has been rumored that Apple will introduce a new iPhone by the middle of September (and the exact date has been rumored for about a months).

Virtually anyone who has been seriously considering an iPhone purchase and who knows the industry at all has heard these rumors. The rumors have created a mini Osborne effect: don't buy the current iPhone because the new one is rumored to have this, that or another thing that is so much better -- from a better/bigger screen to a faster processor to LTE to NFC to wireless output supporting 4K resolution. Hell, I even read a rumor a month ago claiming it was 100% fact that Apple will skip LTE and go right to LTE-Advanced. Whether *any* of those things materialize is irrelevant. The people who are even the least bit plugged into the industry who still want an iPhone didn't buy one since the second half of July -- unless of course they had to in order to replace an iPhone that was damaged somehow.

If the new iPhone (whatever Apple calls it) is not the top selling individual model in December or January then your rationale of having lost its perceived leadership position may become valid. No one is going to take today's announcement as such a loss when Apple sent out an invitation today for what virtually everyone believes will be an announcement for the next iPhone.

And... "when you consider that Apple only sells one product" is false. Apple (and the carriers) sell three products: 3GS, 4, and 4S. While most vendors sell many more models than just three, it is inaccurate to say that Apple sells only one product.

And... your explanation of what happened to the Mac in the 90's is just wrong. Apple built many, many, many different models of Macs that even Apple's own staff could not tell apart or the benefits of one model over another. Apple routinely alienated developers leading to over 100 times as many titles on Windows based machines than on Macs. Apple refused to pay bounties (spiffs) to employees of computer stores while other companies did thus Macs were almost never recommended to buyers. Apple had an OS that was truly stuck in the 80s -- as was their development environment. Apple's top model, the iMac, in the 90s sold no where near as many systems as other vendors. Hell, the iMac, in the 90s, never made it into the top 10 of configurations sold. However, it is often credited (incorrectly) with Apple's comeback.

By Belard on 9/5/2012 5:35:11 AM , Rating: 2
The first iMac was releasd mid 1998... hardly the 90s. It sold very well as Apple was digging itself out of its hole.

It replaced pretty much their entire consumer line. And cleared out the mess with all the various Macs and Perfomas (lower end spec Mac without the Mac name).

And yes, its part of Apple's comeback... for consumers. It was never targeted for pros. That is what Macs were for. A few months later in 1999 - the MacPro towers (white and blue) started shipping... the beige line was killed by then.

By Cheesew1z69 on 9/5/2012 4:17:02 PM , Rating: 2
98....that would be the 90's....

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