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"iPhone 5" rendering  (Source:
Next generation iPhone is fast approaching

Apple has confirmed that the next generation iPhone will be announced next Wednesday at 1pm EST. Interestingly, the number "5" is shown prominently even though this would mark the sixth generation iPhone.
Considering that the third generation iPad was called the "New iPad", we were expecting the next generation iPhone to simply be called the "New iPhone".
Regardless of whatever the new iPhone is called, it's widely expected that the new iPhone will feature a 4" (640x1136) display, unibody construction, a smaller dock connector, redesigned earbuds, and a thinner profile.

Source: Engadget

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RE: Still no HD..?
By aharris02 on 9/4/2012 3:17:24 PM , Rating: 1
If by "hasn't exactly been playing in their favor," you mean "preventing them from becoming the most valuable technology company in the history of the world," I think you might be onto something.

RE: Still no HD..?
By nocturne_81 on 9/4/2012 4:56:12 PM , Rating: 2
Currently..? Yes. In the history of the world..? Not yet.. still have a ways to reach where MS was 15 years ago before they repeatedly started shooting themselves in the foot. Even then, doubt either would come close to IBM 50 years ago..

Keep in mind it's all 'market valuation'.. Remember 10 years ago when Yahoo was valued at billions, while now nobody wants to touch it with a ten foot pole..? Or even, how about 6 months ago when FB had the world's most anticipated IPO, only to be worth a dismal fraction now. Apple's market value relies solely on their name, not actual property or worth. One bad marketing decision (or one bad court verdict) and they could be circling the drain quickly with nothing to turn to but their digital subscription services..

RE: Still no HD..?
By aharris02 on 9/5/2012 11:14:35 AM , Rating: 2
Apple has more cash reserves than ExxonMobil, which I don't think was a position Microsoft ever found themselves in. I'm sure they'll be fine regardless of what comes their way.

And they're about to launch the iPhone 5, which all signs point to being another sales hit, which will only increase their cash reserves. I don't doubt that they will shoot themselves in the foot eventually, but for now it looks like they can float a few mistakes.

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