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Willis is upset that his thousands of dollars in music "purchases" are the property of Apple

Update: Sept. 3, 2012 2:00 p.m.

Bruce Willis's wife, Emma Heming raised questions regarding the authenticity of the Daily Mail's story, commenting on her Twitter:
Emma Heming

However, she has not responded to subsequent request asking for clarification that Bruce Willis did not discuss his frustrations with the UK publication.

"Let's see you take this under advisement, jerkweed!"

That's the message Bruce Willis, 57, is sending to Apple, Inc. (AAPLaccording to the UK-based Mail Online (Daily Mail).

The Die Hard star, an avid music fan who plays in a blues band called The Accelerators, has a large collection of songs which he legally purchased from Apple via iTunes.  But he was dismayed to discover in the provisions of the iTunes terms of service (TOS) that he did not actually own those tracks, and that he was merely licensing them from Apple.

His plan had been to will his iTunes library to his three beloved daughters -- Rumer (24), Scout (20), Tallalu (18), and his newest child, Mabel Ray, whom he just had with his wife Emma Heming.  Mr. Willis says he has owned "many, many iPods" and was dismayed to discover that Apple regularly shuts down the accounts of users it suspects are passing on their music to family members.

The actor is pondering suing Apple over the TOS and/or lending his high profile backing to efforts in five U.S. states to legislate downloaders' rights, efforts which would grant purchasers ownership rights.

Bruce Willis w. daughters
Bruce Willis with daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallalu [Image Source: FameFlynet]

UK attorney Chris Walton tells the Mail, "Lots of people will be surprised on learning all those tracks and books they have bought over the years don’t actually belong to them. It’s only natural you would want to pass them on to a loved one.  The law will catch up, but ideally Apple and the like will update their policies and work out the best solution for their customers.", Inc. (AMZN) -- one of the largest digital distributors after Apple -- follows an identical policy with its e-books.  Customers license the digital books, but don't own them, despite often paying $10 USD per book or more.

Mr. Willis, who enjoys moonlighting as a singer and guitarist, recently played for U.S. troops serving in Iraq.  While most famous for his iconic appearance as police officer John McClane in the Die Hard series, Mr. Willis's solo album The Return of Bruno peaked at #14 on the Billboard 200 in 1987, thanks in part to a strong ensemble of backing artists including Booker T. Jones, Ruth Pointer, and The Temptations.

Updated @ 2:49pm
Bruce Willis' wife has tweeted that the story is untrue.

Sources: Mail Online, Twitter

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This is Bull Crap!
By Belard on 9/3/2012 10:08:48 PM , Rating: 4
It doesn't matter than the story is fake, but it does bring up an issue.

Its not just Apple, but anyone who does this crap.

The GOOD thing about media-less music/video is a matter of space, transport, etc... like in the OLD days of buying the same tape or album again because the other got destroyed or stolen.

When you buy a $14 CD with 12 songs (typical) - you can re-sell it, give it to a friend or family (if you are dead or not). If you buy an album of 12 songs ($12), those purchases DIE with you?

This is BULL - especially if you have bought 1000+ songs... you should be able to give them to your kids.

I gather they don't want you trading your SONGS in like used CDs.

This is especially BAD for those who buy books - many are $15~30 that are only about 10~15% cheaper than the real books. (Buy a real book and it includes e-version would be cool) There are people who have sold OFF their books and replaced them with Kindle versions.

Imagine the fun some of us have had in converting hundreds of VHS tapes to digital... :( I've converted all my CDs to MP3s then put the CDs in the closet. I still buy CDs... crap like this shows why iTunes and others aren't worth it.

RE: This is Bull Crap!
By Silver2k7 on 9/4/2012 1:48:57 AM , Rating: 2
Ive converted all my cd's to flac.
even tried a few music casettes.. but its usually not worth it.. unless the thing is unavalible in new formats.

Not converted any movies.. if there where larger hdd's (like 10TB) I might have put all of them on there as iso files or something if only for the convinience of having every movie at your fingertips on a htpc. but if a blu-ray iso takes 25-50gb then it will eat lots of space.. and recompressing things to less quality.. nah been there, done that with cd's in vqf and mp3, better mp3.. lossless is the only way unless your watching the thing on your telephone :P

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive

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