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iPhone 5 leaked pic  (Source: GSM Israel)

Leaked earphones
New mockup spied and headphones leaked

The rumors about the next-generation iPhone continue to build as we near a rumored September launch date for the device. During IFA in Berlin last week, a mockup of the next generation iPhone turned up on video in the hands of DSM Israel's CEO.
The video shows an iPhone with an all-metal back and the new heavily rumored smaller dock connector. If true, that smaller dock connector might as well be an annuity for iPhone accessory makers, as everyone will have to buy new accessories such as docks.
Rumors continue to point to an official Apple event on September 12 to unveil a new iPhone and the device is expected to start shipping later in the month.
In case you're wondering, GSM Israel laid hands on the phone via an unnamed manufacturer of cases and accessories for the iPhone. It would make sense that an accessory company would have early access to mockups of the next-generation iPhone to allow them to have cases ready when the device launches. In fact, in the past the first real glimpses of iPhone mockups or prototypes did in fact come from accessory makers.
Another recently leaked image claims to show the new design of the earphones that will ship with the next-generation iPhone. The earphones have an opening on the side and a small slit in the body for sound rather than having a speaker grill on the front of the earphones. It appears the large side port could be some sort of bass expansion port. It also appears that the headphones are made from one piece of plastic rather than multiple pieces.

Sources: GSM Israel, Tinhte

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By BSMonitor on 9/4/2012 12:30:18 PM , Rating: 2
"Android caught up and then surpassed IOS"

Yet another bland statement of opinion.

If I followed the Android does "this" better than iOS model for upgrading my phone, I'd be on my 5th smart phone in 2 years instead of 2 phones in 4 years... I prefer significant upgrades rather than blah, marketing Yawns. AT&T and Verizon already get enough of my money.

Step out of the anti-Apple bubble. Of all that crap you named, what is a MUST have that should have pushed me to spend $$ to upgrade from an iPhone 4 or comparable Droid of the time.

Maybe battery life, but your statement on that varies wildly based on the model and manufacturer of said Droid phones.

By retrospooty on 9/4/2012 12:54:44 PM , Rating: 2
"Yet another bland statement of opinion."

I am going to take a leap and guess that you have not actually picked up an Android 4 phone and used it for more than a few seconds. It's pretty obviously better, but agrgeed, it could be called opinion. It's most people's opinion that it is better.

"Step out of the anti-Apple bubble. Of all that crap you named, what is a MUST have that should have pushed me to spend $$ to upgrade from an iPhone 4 or comparable Droid of the time."

It's not an anti-apple bubble, nor is it a list of reasons to upgrade your iPhone. It's a pro list for each platform and it is VERY valid... Not necessarily every item is important to every buyer, but the list is valid.

To answer a few of your points above, yes, SD card expansion is a huge plus. With an iPhone, you are stuck with whatever limit you bought. Its 2012, and not difficult to incorporate expansion into a phone. Hell Palm was doing it in 2003. Expandability for storage is a good thing. The fact that you try to spin it off as bad shows some sort of an agenda. And yes, Micro USB is huge. How can you not see teh advantage of being charge compatible with every other phone made on planet Earth for the past 4 years (except Apple of course). Not only for charging, for data as well. If I am on a trip and dont carry my charger, I know everyone else has one and I can plug right in. I can also unplug my Micro-USB mouse and plug in my phone without needing to find a cable. It reads as a flash drive and I can copy files to it. Again, in 2012 its not hard to accomplish. Apple us really lagging with that aspect.

I really dont give a rats arse about Google as a company. I love smartphones and I buy the best product available at a reasonable price every year. If it has a Google, MS or Apple OS makes no difference to me, I care about what it gives me. At this point in time, Apples IOS and iPhone platform is lagging behind Android in a major way. I dont think anyone could objectively look at both platforms today and come to any other conclusion. If you have been using IOS and have lots of apps and are just comfortable with the platform, then it probably is the best for you. Ultimately both accomplish the same levels of funtionality and both do pretty much everything that 99% of people need them to do. Android is just doing it better these days. If that changes, so would my list. Based on IOS6 and what is assumed to be a 4 inch 4G iPhone5, it's not going to be good enough. MAybe IOS7 and the iPhone6 will have something new to show us next year. We'll have to wait and see.

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