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iPhone 5 leaked pic  (Source: GSM Israel)

Leaked earphones
New mockup spied and headphones leaked

The rumors about the next-generation iPhone continue to build as we near a rumored September launch date for the device. During IFA in Berlin last week, a mockup of the next generation iPhone turned up on video in the hands of DSM Israel's CEO.
The video shows an iPhone with an all-metal back and the new heavily rumored smaller dock connector. If true, that smaller dock connector might as well be an annuity for iPhone accessory makers, as everyone will have to buy new accessories such as docks.
Rumors continue to point to an official Apple event on September 12 to unveil a new iPhone and the device is expected to start shipping later in the month.
In case you're wondering, GSM Israel laid hands on the phone via an unnamed manufacturer of cases and accessories for the iPhone. It would make sense that an accessory company would have early access to mockups of the next-generation iPhone to allow them to have cases ready when the device launches. In fact, in the past the first real glimpses of iPhone mockups or prototypes did in fact come from accessory makers.
Another recently leaked image claims to show the new design of the earphones that will ship with the next-generation iPhone. The earphones have an opening on the side and a small slit in the body for sound rather than having a speaker grill on the front of the earphones. It appears the large side port could be some sort of bass expansion port. It also appears that the headphones are made from one piece of plastic rather than multiple pieces.

Sources: GSM Israel, Tinhte

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Similar issue/solution with Chrome.

If I really cared I would open the developer tools and see if there were any exceptions being thrown or the AJAX/JSON call backs were being received.

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