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Both devices are expected to be announced on Sept. 5

Samsung may have struck the first blow in the Windows Phone 8 battle, but Nokia isn't about to roll over and play dead despite its meager results with Windows Phone 7.x. EVLeaks has posted two images which apparently depict the upcoming Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 with PureView.
Not much is know about either device other than the fact that the mid-range Lumia 820 features a 4.3" screen, while the flagship Lumia 920 features 4.5" screen. As you can tell from the following images, both will likely be available in a number of colors to suit your design aesthetic.

Nokia Lumia 820

 Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView
We'll keep you informed as more information on Nokia's Windows Phone 8 devices leaks out ahead of the Sept. 5 press conference:

Sources: EVLeaks (1), (2), The Verge

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RE: PureView on the 920
By Voldenuit on 8/31/2012 12:14:43 PM , Rating: 2
I'm with AmbroseAthan.

The Galaxy camera isn't a replacement for a cameraphone, precisely because it isn't a "phone", per se (no GSM/LTE connectivity). So unlike a phone, it's not something you will always have with you.

It's also not a replacement for an 808, because the 1/2.3" sensor on it is even smaller than the 1/1.8" sensor on the old N8, let alone the 1/1.2" 808 sensor.

True, it has a zoom lens, but so does every other compact camera in its class. Other than running Android apps, it doesn't distinguish itself from the P&S crowd.

I'm after a cameraphone with a large sensor and a bright lens that can keep up with my system camera, especially in low light and indoors. If the 920 doesn't have a large sensor, I'd consider the 808 over any other cameraphone at the moment (notice I said cameraphone instead of smartphone, imaging is a priority for me, and I'm willing to take the usability and app hit of symbian over android to get what I want. Your mileage may vary).

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