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Nikon says goodbye to the market it helped to popularize

In a little more than ten years after its first baby steps into the digital age, Nikon's efforts have nearly put the final nail in the coffin for its film cameras. The company has decided to abandon its roots in the film camera industry and move full steam ahead with its ever expanding lineup of digital camera products.  The company is also seeing rising demand for digital SLR cameras as traditional film and P&S digital camera owners decide to upgrade.  Digital cameras now make up for 95% of Nikon's total camera sales. 

However, all is not lost for the hardcore Nikon film camera fans out there. According to Nikon, they will still manufacture the F6 (professiona) and FM10 (amateur) as well as the manual focus 85mm f/2.8D PC Micro-Nikkor lenses.  Support for these products will continue for ten years after Nikon's last date of sale.

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35mm and megapixels
By gentryfunk on 1/16/2006 6:47:22 PM , Rating: 2
OK, this argument is a tricky one. 35mm film vs. megapixels. I shoot 35mm, 6cmx6cm, and's the deal: digital SLRs cannot resolve the detail I can get with high end 35mm not to mention 6x6 or 4x5. This is an easy one to try out: shoot 25 or 50 ASA black and white or color film (35mm) using a tripod. Now, using the same setup shoot digital. Scan film on any film scanner above 4000 scans vs. digital.

Even better, shoot 100ASA 6x6 or 4x5 against comparison. Tests done by photographers I know suggest that 30 - 40MP is the range that will eventually match high quality film. Medium and Large format films still produce significantly higher resolution vs. digital....scanning backs are the only way to acheive medium format quality at this point.

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