AMD's mobile long-forecast
AMD's 45nm plans for the notebook unveiled

AMD's Technology Analyst Day came and went, with announcements about K8L architecture details, AMD's 4x4 enthusiast platform, fab roadmap and the company's Torrenza platform.  However, the company did leave a few other breadcrumbs that DailyTech did not cover in entirety yet.

In particular, AMD's weakest point right now is undoubtably its mobile technology.  While the company has been making great strides in the last few years with the Turion and Turion X2 processors, the notebook industry has almost unanimously supported Pentium M and Core Duo.  AMD will announce its 65nm SOI Revision G Tyler and Sherman processors next year, but for 2007 AMD anticipates another new architecture. 

The die diagram (right) claims the new mobile processor generation uses HyperTransport-3, which right now has only been reserved for AMD's K8L architecture.  However, the next generation mobile dual-core CPU shows very little resemblance to the K8L core diagram posted yesterday or the single core Revision G Orleans CPU die shot posted a few days ago.  However, like K8L, the new mobile core features individual power planes for each core and the Northbridge, meaning the ACPI layer can make a CPU core come to a full halt when not in use. 

Furthermore, AMD is working on incorporating some level of power management on the individual HyperTransport links.  HyperTransport links already allow for an "un-ganging mode," meaning a single 16-bit link can be split into two 8-bit links dynamically.  It would seem logical to assume that during low I/O situations a single 8-bit link would be ample, meaning the other 8-bit link could be shut down when not needed to save power.

The emphasis for AMD's 2007/2008 mobile CPU is clearly on power consumption.  The CPU will come with low and ultra low voltage models, similar to AMD's Energy Efficient AM2 processors and Intel's mobile offerings.  AMD's slides anticipate 45nm DDR3 processors for 2008, although the company has not released any other details for that generation yet. 

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation
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