Ultra low power and embedded systems friendly

VIA has been on a roll as of late with the launch of new EPIA mini ITX motherboards. The latest addition to the EPIA family is the ultra low power VIA EPIA CN. Two EPIA CNs will be available—a 1.3 GHz CN13000 and a 1.0 GHz CN1000E. Average power consumption is around 16 watts which make the new EPIA CNs perfect for the embedded PC market.

Other notable features include the VIA CN700 northbridge which features VIA UniChrome Pro AGP graphics. The UniChrome graphics support hardware MPEG-2 acceleration via the Chromation CE engine and dual display support via DuoView+. Strangely enough, VIA claims SATA II support with the EPIA CN, though it seems impossible as the VIA VT8237R lacks SATA II support.

Additionally the EPIA CN features a single PCI slot, S-Video, composite video, S/PDIF audio outputs, serial, parallel, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, and USB 2.0 ports. There’s also support for two parallel IDE and two SATA connectors with support for RAID 0 and 1. Memory support is limited to 1GB max as the board only has a single 240-pin DIMM slot to accommodate DDR2 400/533 MHz memory. VIA’s PadLock Security Engine is also integrated for hardware accelerated encryption processing.

Pricing is expected to be $193 while availability is expected in June.

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