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3.2GHz "Conroe" gets confirmed by Intel

Intel representatives just contacted DailyTech with the following information:

The Core 2 Extreme processor (Conroe based) will ship at 2.93GHz at Core 2 Duo launch.   We will also have a 3.2GHz version by end of the year.   And as you know, the Quad Core enthusiast SKU, Kentsfield, is planned for Q1'07.

Several days ago, we published details of Intel's Core 2 Duo roadmap, although the roadmap did not have information about a 3.2GHz Conroe.  Intel's Extreme Edition processors typically launch at a $1,000 USD price point, and then are quickly phased out in time for the next generation.

The 2.93GHz Conroe processor will ship as the Core 2 Duo X6800 processor.  Previous Intel roadmaps have also confirmed that the launch date for Conroe, the desktop Core 2 Duo processor, is slated for July 23, 2006.

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RE: 3.2Ghz Conroe
By AkumaX on 5/31/2006 11:12:54 PM , Rating: 2
My calculation is that a 3.2Ghz is 6x processor with 1066Mhz Bus 6*533 is close to 3.2Ghz. if 6x was on 1333Mhz it would likely be a 4Ghz cpu. 3.33Ghz would be at 5x which is same as 2.66Ghz at 1066mhz.

its not 6*533, its actually 12*266 (like BrownTown has)
quad pumped, not dual pumped like AMD ;)

so a 3.2ghz 1333fsb (4 x 333) would probably be either 9.5 x 333 for 3.16ghz, or 10 x 333 = 3.33ghz

RE: 3.2Ghz Conroe
By Assimilator87 on 6/1/2006 2:35:49 PM , Rating: 2
The trick to finding the right model is to consider when the FSB or CPU will max out. The lower the stock multiplier, the higher the FSB will be when the CPU maxes out, but if the multiplier is too low then the FSB may max out before the highest CPU clock is reached. That's the other reason people bought the P4 2.4Cs, aside from being the cheapest 800Mhz FSB chip. It had a higher FSB at the same clock as higher rated models. We'll definitely have to wait for people to experiment with overclocking Conroe to find out which model will yield the highest performing OC.

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