Camera to feature technology from GestureTek

Microsoft's Xbox Live Vision camera will be coming to a retailer near you on September 19th. The gesture recognition technology built into the camera allows gamers to control games such as snowboarding and volleyball by moving different parts of their body. The concept is similar to Sony's EyeToy which was released in July of 2003. reports:

The Xbox Live Vision camera will get a simultaneous release in Europe and the US this autumn. The XLV camera will allow gamers to personalize their gamertag picture, send photo messages, and chat over Xbox Live. It can also be used to play Xbox Live Arcade games such as Uno and Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

The USB based camera features technology from GestureTek and will be supported with Microsoft's next Xbox Live update. Other features included with the latest update will include background downloading, increased media functionality and the ability to boot directly to the Dashboard.

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