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Romney says the new standards are "extreme," but Obama disagrees

This week was particularly monumental for the auto industry as the Obama administration finalized the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. The new rules have faced some criticism, but President Barack Obama isn’t backing down.
The criticism comes from Obama’s presidential election opponent Mitt Romney, who believes there is a better method of increasing fuel economy than changing CAFE standards.

"Just yesterday, my opponent called my position on fuel efficiency standards extreme," said Obama. "It doesn't seem extreme to me to want to build more fuel efficient cars. Maybe the steam engine is more his speed."

Obama further added that the new CAFE standards will allow U.S. drivers to fill up their gas tanks "half as often." But when the new rules were finalized Tuesday, Romney failed to see the benefit to driving citizens. 

"Governor Romney opposes the extreme standards that President Obama has imposed, which will limit the choices available to American families," said Andrea Saul, Romney spokeswoman. "The president tells voters that his regulations will save them thousands of dollars at the pump, but always forgets to mention that the savings will be wiped out by having to pay thousands of dollars more upfront for unproven technology that they may not even want."

The new fuel efficiency standards for 2017-2025 will cost the auto industry $157.3 billion and add an average of $2,000 extra to the sticker price of new autos.

While some are clearly unhappy with the new standards, others are seeing added benefits. Honda, for example, was delighted to see that the standards provided extra credits for those selling natural gas-powered vehicles. Tesla also jumped on the CAFE bandwagon when it learned that it could sell any credits for surpassing the standards to companies that haven't.

The CAFE standards will raise the average fuel efficiency of cars and light trucks to 54.5 mpg by model year 2025. These new standards, which were created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOTs) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), were based off of the Obama Administration's first standards raised average fuel efficiency to 35.5 mpg by 2016. It was intended for cars and light trucks during model years 2011-2016.

The 54.5 mpg CAFE standard aims to save consumers more than $1.7 trillion at the gas pump, cut U.S. oil consumption by 12 billion barrels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6 billion metric tons over the course of the program, and encourage the adoption of autos like electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids. 

Source: The Detroit News

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By Joz on 8/30/2012 5:38:51 PM , Rating: 2
time to check romney's accounts for payments from big oil?

RE: ok
By eagle470 on 8/30/2012 5:54:16 PM , Rating: 2

Maybe you need to do some reading else where. No government decision should force anything on anyone. The market will make it's own decisions and 'Big oil' will fall by the way side one way or another.

It's also pretty stupid to take food out of the supply and piss it away as fuel. What do we do during a famine? Oh's already happening. Everything from Plastics (yes, some are made with corn), to food for us and for starving countries, will go up in price. How about we burn up what oil there is left and that will force the market to move on. The government can afford to subsidize this crap, nor should they. It's called market pressure and any 101 econ class can explain it.

RE: ok
By Murst on 8/30/2012 6:00:51 PM , Rating: 3
No government decision should force anything on anyone

So I guess you would have been against mandatory smallpox vaccines.

RE: ok
By ppardee on 8/30/2012 8:28:28 PM , Rating: 2
So its your position that the government elected by the people knows what is better for the people than the people who elected them in the first place?

You can't have partial freedom. Either you're free or you're enslaved with varying degrees of privilege.

RE: ok
By thirdshop on 8/31/2012 9:56:54 AM , Rating: 2
Than why have a government?

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home

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