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All-electric Model S runs the 1/4 mile in 12.5-seconds at 110.9 mph

It’s doubtful that many people believe manufacturer estimates when it comes to fuel efficiency or driving range for electric vehicles. The driving range for electric vehicles obtained in government tests is often a far cry from real world numbers. On public roads, driving range for an electric vehicle depends on the terrain, how heavy the driver's right foot is, and even the temperature. 
The guys over at Motor Trend have laid hands on a Tesla Model S and set out to get a real world driving distance. The car used for the driving distance test is a Model S Signature Performance 85, and this particular vehicle happened to be Tesla CEO Elon Musk's personal ride. The test of the Model S also involved putting down some performance numbers, which enthusiasts will be interested to hear.
The big four-door Model S was able to hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. It also ran a virtually silent 12.5-second quarter mile pass at 110.9 mph. Those are impressive numbers for a gasoline-powered sedan, putting the Model S Signature Performance 85 in the same company as the BMW M5 and the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG among others.

Tesla Model S
The real question though is how far can the car drive. Being able to hit 60 as quick as an AMG badged Mercedes is impressive, but not so much if the battery pack is dead shortly thereafter. The largest battery pack available in the Model S is rated by the EPA at 265 miles in extended range mode.
After the performance testing was done, the car was completely recharged even though it is only consumed what the onboard computer said was 13 miles of range despite the quarter-mile passes and other performance tests. The real world driving distance test took place in California heading towards San Diego via Interstate 15 before hitting the I-5 and then the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway. The map showed the driving distance to be 240 miles.
Motor Trend says that the test was conducted with the air conditioner off, but ventilation on, cruise set at 65 mph, and the body lowered on its air suspension for driving distance. Apparently, the car was 1.7 miles short of making it the full 240 miles in real world traffic. Rather than run out of power the tester plugged the car and to get the extra few miles of driving range.
Motor Trend figures the real world driving range is 238 miles in their testing, 11% short of the claims 265. 

Source: Motor Trend

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RE: impressive
By Ammohunt on 8/29/2012 10:19:05 AM , Rating: 1
I agree, they forgot to add coasting Downhill with a tail wind, 120lb driver to the list to get the range they claim. Lets see the range with a normal driver in the summer A/C and radio on crusing at 75mph talking on the cell phone. Either way this is not an everyday car for everyday drivers its an elite upper crust type car excluding 99% of consumers.

RE: impressive
By Dr of crap on 8/29/2012 10:30:14 AM , Rating: 2
This statement is right on the nose -

"Either way this is not an everyday car for everyday drivers its an elite upper crust type car excluding 99% of consumers."

And the price sets that way.

BUT this is just for close to home driving. IT IS NOT MADE TO GO ON LONG TRIPS.
We ALL know that, yet everyone has to point it out.
You would still need a gas powered car for those kind of trips.

RE: impressive
By Reclaimer77 on 8/29/2012 10:40:49 AM , Rating: 3
"Either way this is not an everyday car for everyday drivers its an elite upper crust type car excluding 99% of consumers." And the price sets that way.

Yes except the 99% are the ones helping to pay for the 1%'s toys in this case.

RE: impressive
By MadMan007 on 8/29/2012 10:44:11 AM , Rating: 2
This car isn't made for going on long trips.

RE: impressive
By Reclaimer77 on 8/29/2012 10:49:05 AM , Rating: 2
This car isn't made for going on long trips.

Tell that to Motor Trend then. Because the entire article was a long road trip! Hello?

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