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Nokia's next generation Windows Phone will have to vie with Samsung for supremacy of Microsoft's ecosystem

Wondering what Nokia Oyj. (HEX:NOK1V) has in store for Windows Phone 8?  You're not alone.

Window Phone 8 is suddenly very well positioned, thanks to a potentially precedent-setting verdict against Android and Samsung Electronics Comp., Ltd. (KSC:005930) via Apple, Inc. (AAPL).  Samsung is already eyeing Windows Phone 8 as a potential safe haven from Apple's litigation, unveiling a gorgeous 4.8-inch Galaxy-like Windows Phone 8 handset.

That pickup is both good news and bad news for Nokia.  On the one hand, it brings attention to the Windows Phone platform, and by proxy Nokia's efforts.  On the other hand, it means that Nokia needs to step up its game because Samsung looks to be getting serious about Windows Phone.  Nokia and Samsung are already trading jabs on Twitter.

Now Nokia posted a teaser to YouTube:

...which suggests that a Windows Phone 8 device announcement is coming on Sept. 5 (5.9.2012 in European notation).  That's just seven days before Apple's anticipated iPhone 5 announcement.

It should be interesting to see what Nokia has cooked up.  Its first generation Windows Phone -- the Lumia 900 has been a mild sales success in the U.S., despite being exclusive to AT&T, Inc. (T) only.

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RE: Should've returned it
By MarcLeFou on 8/30/2012 9:34:08 AM , Rating: 2
While WP7's app collection was a little lacking, aren't apps between Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 supposed to be compatible between versions ? If so, watch the number of apps in WP8 skyrocket even past apple's in less than a year.

I agree about the app ranking though. Even in the Windows 8 RC, the few apps they have in there are painfull to browse through. They need to fix that ASAP. But to be fair, I can't ever find apps in either Platform without searching for it and that's what I miss the most in Windows 8. Where do we search for apps in the store by name ??? That's the only part I find is bad design on it.

RE: Should've returned it
By mcnabney on 8/30/2012 9:47:31 AM , Rating: 2
Apps written for Metro can run on both Win8 and WinRT - not WP8. Sorry.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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