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Windows Vista Premium ready for G965

DailyTech recently come across a recent Intel roadmap that reveals details on the next generation integrated graphics core through 2007 until the launch of Bearlake. The graphics core will be integrated in the upcoming G965 chipset that is part of the 96x family. The roadmap shows the graphics core will be Microsoft Windows Vista Premium compatible with support for Aero Glass.

According to Microsoft’s Vista requirements, a DirectX 9 class graphics processor with support for hardware pixel shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel is required for Vista Premium for Aero Glass windows. Intel's G965 is currently slated to launch in August 2006, approximately a month after the launch of the other 965 chipsets.  This delay has in part been attributed to Microsoft's unfirm specifications at the time G965 was being spun. 

Intel's most recent roadmap also claims there will be native support for HDMI as well which means the graphics core will also have some level of HDCP compliance. Additionally, there will be support for what Intel calls "Clear Video Technology" which is Intel’s branding for the video-processing engine. Judging by Intel’s Viiv initiative and support for HDMI we expect the upcoming graphics core to accelerate high definition video formats used by HD-DVD and online video streaming services.

The new graphics core hasn’t received a name yet, though we expect Intel to abandon the Graphics Media Accelerator name as Intel has a knack of only using the same name for two graphics core revisions (Intel Extreme Graphics, Intel Extreme Graphics 2, Graphics Media Accelerator 900, Graphics Media Accelerator 950).

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By Googer on 5/28/2006 8:40:04 PM , Rating: 2
In the past Intel did manufacture add on AGP graphics cards but they were nothing serious and were aimed more for the oem and server markets. It would be nice if Intel would step up to the plate to challance ATi and nVIDIA in the discreete 3D market. I think if Intel put forth a serious effort in 3D, they might do really well and could make a nice profit even when someone buys an AMD processor.

By TomZ on 5/28/2006 10:07:09 PM , Rating: 2
I'm just not sure what the point would be, since ATI and nVIDIA are so strong in that market and have such a broad product offering. What could Intel bring to the table to differentiate their product from the others?

By jtesoro on 5/28/2006 10:26:06 PM , Rating: 2
I think there's always room for another player in the market. Could be another revenue stream for Intel. They can offer "more of the same", but cheaper or faster. And even if they offer essentially the same thing as ATI and nVIDIA, I think their marketing department can come up with something that'll impact their bottom line enough.

By stupid on 5/28/2006 11:50:43 PM , Rating: 2
ATI & nVidia are strong, but Intel is still dominate in total number of video chips sold. That because a lot if corporate PC have Intel integrated graphics. ATI and nVidia may rule the performance camp, but Intel rules in total volume.

By redbone75 on 5/29/2006 1:39:19 AM , Rating: 3
I'm just not sure what the point would be, since ATI and nVIDIA are so strong in that market and have such a broad product offering. What could Intel bring to the table to differentiate their product from the others?

I'm sure nVidia came across that same sentiment when they began that little chipset of theirs, nForce, I think it's called? If Intel decided to make a serious effort in the discrete graphics segment I'm sure ATI and nVidia would be a little nervous.

By zsdersw on 5/29/2006 1:04:46 PM , Rating: 2
Waxing sentimental here, for a moment, I remember owning one of the video cards that started it all in recent times for Nvidia... the 16MB Riva TNT. I think I still have it around here somewhere.

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