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Acer and other PC makers lower forecasts for second half 2012 PC shipments

While many PC makers saw the coming of Windows 8 as an opportunity for growth and increased competition against Apple, those feelings are slowly fading.
Acer Inc., Quanta Computer Inc. and Compal Electronics Inc., three major PC makers, have all lost hope in Windows 8 being the savior of PC sales for the second half of fiscal year 2012. This opinion differs from those heard by the same PC makers earlier this year, who were happy to show off Windows 8 laptops, all-in-ones and ultrabooks at the Computex trade show in Taipei. Acer even said that Windows 8 PCs would bring growth to his company once again. 
But these opinions changed as PC makers see no customer enthusiasm for personal computers running the Windows 8 operating system. Another issue, according to analysts and the PC makers, is that Windows 8 laptops and ultrabooks will likely be much too expensive upon release. 
J.T. Wang, CEO of Acer, said he has grown unsure of the Windows 8 ecosystem. His company is lowering its expectations for PC sales upon Windows 8's release.
"Originally, we were expecting very high growth in the second half," said Wang. "We're still waiting for a sign of consumer enthusiasm."
Analysts are changing their sales forecasts as well, mainly due to the fact that some believe it'll take three to four financial quarters for consumers to get onboard with Windows 8. It won't take off right away. Rather, Microsoft will have to seek out developers for more applications in order to grab consumer interest.
While the PC turf isn't looking so hot, mobile devices may not be so disappointing. The price of touchscreens and tablets running Windows 8 may be an issue, especially because there are many cheaper alternatives, but consumers have shown greater enthusiasm for Microsoft's Surface tablet
Windows 8 has been a pretty controversial topic. The main issue seems to be the user interface, formerly called Metro. It features colorful tiles that represent different applications on the home screen. The change was a hopeful move to attract new users (perhaps those normally enticed by Apple's colorful and friendly-looking operating systems). However, Microsoft is looking to change the name of Metro after a recent discovery -- a German retailer called Metro AG threatened to sue. 
Windows 8 will be released to the public on October 26

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RE: Sounds there are many like me...
By woofersus on 8/21/2012 2:58:06 PM , Rating: 5
Quite a rant, but not a lot of true things, unfortunately. AFAIK, you can customize desktop icons in Windows 8 the exact same way you could in Windows 7. (Which is not all that different from how it was done in XP) Right-click the desktop, select personalize, click "change desktop icons." Or for left finger only folks, open the control panel and select customization.

I suppose you get a pass for not knowing the ins-and-outs of the new start screen, but I'm not even using it and I figured out answers to your complaints in less than 5 minutes. (choose the third link)

and (that one was even easier, and if you weren't aware of the charms bar yet, you probably shouldn't be trying pre-release software)

I agree there should be a tutorial of some kind on retail release, but come on.

Also, for the record all windows phone upgrades are free, and wp7 phones got wp7.5 like a year ago. And they'll also get wp7.8. What other system is offering more than two major upgrades along with one minor update AND various bug fixes for phones that are up to 2 years old? My Razr surely isn't getting Jelly Bean.

Good luck wasting 14GB of your ram with windows xp.

RE: Sounds there are many like me...
By 3ogdy on 8/25/2012 1:39:32 PM , Rating: 3
Look what -"pinning computer to windows 8 start screen" .
I was talking about taking "Computer" from Start screen and putting it on the desktop. No, I don't want a shortcut to that. Why? Because if you want to go to Computer->Properties you can't do it by right click on the icon and selecting that?
Wasting 14GB of RAM in XP? You've got to be kidding me!
It's quite obvious you've never used software like Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas or anything similar - rendering a video into RAM can take up what you said I was you should look for info first, instead of posting bs.

"I agree there should be a tutorial of some kind on retail release, but come on."
You're not being serious - definitely not -WINDOWS NEEDS TO BE INTUITIVE - EVEN IF THERE WAS A TUTORIAL COMING WITH THE RETAIL RELEASE , I WOULDN'T READ IT! An OS needs to be intuitive - it's not like a new game on the market!(even those are required to have an intuitive menu, otherwise they get lower scores in reviews....come on now!

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton

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