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Intel promises significant price cuts across the board in preperation for dual-core ramp

Previously, DailyTech revealed a number of changes that will be taking place with Intel's family of desktop processors: Pentium 4 processors will drop down to roughly 30% of Intel's overall desktop processor shipments and Pentium D processors falling to 45% of desktop sales.

Core 2 Duo processors will be introduced on July 23 of this year and, according to Intel's estimates, and will be accompanied by the new 96x "Broadwater" chipset. According to Intel's updated roadmap, Core 2 processors will expand to roughly 35% of Intel's shipments in Q1'07. Conroe, as the desktop version of Core 2 Duo is dubbed, will be the first Intel processor with the new letter/number naming schedule, as noted below.

Intel's flagship, the Core 2 Extreme processor, is also expected to launch on July 23 with the X6800 name. 

Intel Desktop Processor Roadmap for Dual Core

Clock Speed
Cache Launch
Price @
2.93GHz / 1066MHz 4MB 23-Jul $999
PPXE 955
3.46GHz / 1066MHz 2z2MB Now $999
PPXE 840
3.20GHz / 1066MHz 2x1MB Now $999
2.67GHz / 1066MHz 4MB 23-Jul $530
C2D E6600
2.40GHz / 1066MHz 4MB 23-Jul $316
C2D E6400
2.13GHz / 1066MHz 2MB 23-Jul $224
C2D E6300
1.86GHz / 1066MHz 2MB 23-Jul $183
3.6GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Now
P4D 950
3.4GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Now $224 (23-Jul)
P4D 940
3.2GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Now $183 (23-Jul)
3.0GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Now
$178 (4-Jun)
P4D 925 (no VT)

3.0GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Q4'06 $133
P4D 920
2.8MHz / 800MHz 2x2MB Now $178 (4-Jun)

Intel has dropped desktop processor prices throughout the year. Many of the Pentium D processors have seen anywhere from $30 cuts to more than 50% price cuts. All entry level Celeron 300-series desktop processors from Intel will  be priced well under $80 by the time Q4'06 comes around.

Intel Desktop Processor Roadmap for Dual Core Without VT

Clock Speed
 Price @ Launch
3.4GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB N/A $163 (23-Jul)
PDP 925
3.0GHz / 800MHz 2z2MB N/A $133 (Q4'06)
PDP 915
2.8GHz / 800MHz 2x2MB N/A $133 (23-Jul)

Intel will also be launching VT-disabled Preslers laster on this year with the 945, 925 and 915 series. VT, or Virtualization Technology allows virtual operating systems running on VMs such as VMWare or Parallels Desktop to access processor ops directly. The mainstream Pentium 4 processors with 2MB and 1MB caches will also see significant price drops. For example, a Pentium 4 661 (LGA775) processors running at 3.6GHz with 2MB of L2 cache will be priced at $183 on the 23rd of July. Right now, the same processor sells for $401.

Intel Desktop Processor Roadmap for Single Core

Clock Speed
Cache    Price
   Price on
3.6GHz / 800MHz 2MB $401 $183
P4P 651
3.4GHz / 800MHz 2MB $273 $163
P4P 641
3.2GHz / 800MHz 2MB $218 $163
P4P 631
3.0GHz / 800MHz 2MB $178 $163
P4P 541
3.2GHz / 800MHz 1MB $218 $84
P4P 531
3.0GHz / 800MHz 1MB $178 $74
P4P 524
3.06GHz / 533MHz 1MB $143 $69

All of Intel's single core processors see significant price drops across the board. According to Intel's roadmaps, dual core ramp will accelerate after July 23rd. Core 2 Duo will become Intel's flagship processor while Woodcrest takes the helm for enterprise and server level performance in 2007.

Intel's roadmap also confirms the existence of Kentsfield, the first quad core desktop component for Intel.  Kentsfield will launch as an "Extreme" processor in Q1'07, but Intel isn't saying the official name yet.  AMD is expected to introduce quad-core processors in 2007 as well. Called the K8L, AMD is expected to introduce new HyperTransport protocols as well as support for third party co-processors.

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By stephenbrooks on 5/27/2006 11:44:47 AM , Rating: 2
Where's the PXE 965 on this roadmap? I can only see the 840 and the 955.

RE: Missing?
By stephenbrooks on 5/27/2006 11:45:15 AM , Rating: 2
Also, what does the X on the front of X6800 designate - does it mean a higher TDP than the other E6x00 chips?

RE: Missing?
By uofahoefx on 5/27/2006 12:23:33 PM , Rating: 2
The Extreme Edition of the Conroe processor will operate at 3.33GHz, sport 1333MHz processor system bus and 4MB cache. Thermal envelope of the part should be 95W.

From X-bit

RE: Missing?
By tonjohn on 5/27/2006 1:58:31 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, what the hell happend to the >3ghz 1333mhz FSB Conroe XE that was planned? That is what I was going to get but now I'm freaking pissed.

RE: Missing?
By hstewarth on 5/27/2006 3:06:19 PM , Rating: 2
It is likely because currently generation motherboard can't support the 1333mhz. Woodcrest has an entirely new Bus and memory. It is surprising that the 3Ghz Woodcrest is actually cheaper than the XE. But then again the motherboard is about 3 times more expensive.

I expect we will see 1333Mhz XE once a new chipset is out. But it very nice that Intel made the Conroe compatible with existing chipsets - very smart move. People can upgrade there processors with out entirely new system.

One thing I am curious about is that Woodcrest socket is 771 which is very similar 775 on the desktop. I wonder if there is a relationship there.

RE: Missing?
By bob661 on 5/27/2006 3:23:04 PM , Rating: 1
But it very nice that Intel made the Conroe compatible with existing chipsets - very smart move.
Where did you get that information? Post please.

RE: Missing?
By KristopherKubicki on 5/28/2006 1:00:09 PM , Rating: 2
It's compatible with the 945/965/975 chipsets, BUT requires a different voltage regulator module. Not very many manufacturers used a voltage module compatible with Presler/Prescott and Conroe.

RE: Missing?
By IntelUser2000 on 5/27/2006 1:43:24 PM , Rating: 1
Also, what does the X on the front of X6800 designate - does it mean a higher TDP than the other E6x00 chips?

Nothing much in terms of TDP now really. If anything it means X=Xtreme. They can fit 2.93/1066FSB part with 65W, considering they can with Woodcrest on a higher FSB.

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