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New compression standard could be in commercial products as early as next year

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) met recently to issue a draft international standard of a new video compression format offering twice the performance of current standards. The new video compression format is called High Efficiency Video Coating or HEVC. The new H.265 compression codec is roughly twice as effective as the current H.264/AVC standard.
“There’s a lot of industry interest in this because it means you can halve the bit rate and still achieve the same visual quality, or double the number of television channels with the same bandwidth, which will have an enormous impact on the industry,” says Per Fröjdh, Manager for Visual Technology at Ericsson Research, Group Function Technology, who organized the event as Chairman of the Swedish MPEG delegation.
H.265 could usher in ultra high definition television with significantly more clarity than the 1080p we have today. The new compression format will also significantly reduce the bandwidth required for streaming video on mobile networks where wireless spectrum is at a premium. The format will pave the way for wireless carriers to offer more video services within the confines of their available spectrum.
“Video accounts for the vast majority of all data sent over networks, and that proportion is increasing: by 2015, it is predicted to account for 90 percent of all network traffic,” Fröjdh says.
He believes that the HEVC format discussed during the meeting in Stockholm could find its way into commercial products as early as 2013.
“It will take time before it’s launched for a TV service, but adoption is much quicker in the mobile area, and we’ll probably see the first services for mobile use cases next year,” Fröjdh added.

Source: Ericsson

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By augiem on 8/17/2012 4:18:14 AM , Rating: 2
If 60fps capture and delivery were the standard and we'd dropped to 24fps you'd be complaining about the substantial motion blur and general choppiness

Untrue. I'm already very used to extremely high frame rates -- it's called gaming. Also, real life has no frame rate limit. The degradation in quality has nothing to do with being used to seeing 24 fps as the norm.

The higher frame rate makes it VERY easy to pick out tiny details from the image and motion. There is a reason most action films tend to have violent camera shake -- it distracts you from being able to see what's going on and helps make the VFX look more believable. It is absolutely intentional. The fidelity of CG VFX is nowhere near good enough to stand on its own yet without all the tricks of the trade (did I mention I have a degree in 3D graphics?) like added motion blur, camera shake, tons of particles, and lower framerates. The higher framerate allows you to more clearly see through all these smokescreens and see things as they really are. And frankly, the costumes and CG really ARE crappy looking.

Yes, Xmen was interpolated, but there's no reason to believe a movie shot natively at that frame rate would look substantially better. Interpolation can do a very good job at filling in the blanks between frames of video. If anything, the interpolated video is probably making it look better than it would natively by again, masking some of the visual flaws a little bit.

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