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Not having a Facebook account makes it seem like you have something to hide

The decision to use Facebook or not has always seemed like a choice, but what if not having an account made you seem suspicious to the rest of the world?

A recent Forbes article pointed out that while most non-Facebook users stay away for reasons like internet addiction, privacy issues or just because they couldn't care less what people are eating every second of the day, others who are on the social network could view this absence as suspicious.

For instance, employers are looking to social networks more and more as a way of learning about current and potential employees. When a worker doesn't have a Facebook, some employers may think that this is a red flag, meaning the person could have deactivated it because they had something to hide.

The suspicion bleeds over to other sectors of our lives too, such as our love lives. The article mentioned that new love interests who don't have a Facebook could be hiding their true identity, or could be hiding another relationship that they don't want to make public.

The Forbes article also makes quite the leap to implicate the lack of a Facebook account with mass murderers by pointing out that Anders Breivik and James Holmes didn't have a social media presence at all.

While Facebook started out as just a fun way to connect with friends and family, it has become increasingly ubiquitous, making it a hard habit to quit. Now, it seems as if this is being taken a step further, where those on the outside could be shunned.

Source: Forbes

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By GotThumbs on 8/9/2012 12:43:59 PM , Rating: 3
Hey, any free thinking American can choose not to follow the flock of Sheep. Why would anyone willingly joing the biggest marketing pool ever? Nothing's free and its a choice each person makes on their own.

I've seen social sites before and just not interested. AOL Neighborhoods, AIM chat rooms, ICQ, MySpace, etc.

I respect others choices to join or not join. I'm just not interested. If anyone has a problem with my choice... that's their problem. This is not the playground and I'm not five years people need to get over the bulling of people who don't follow the crowd.

I still believe its a sign of personal strength to not be a follower of the current crowd/fad. I will never have a tattoo or FB account.

My point is this....I'm a person who stands by my own choices and expects others to respect my freedom of choice...just as I respect theirs.

This is still American...right? "Land of the Free"?

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs
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