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Apple is quickly ridding its OS of anything related to Google

Apple today released the latest beta for its upcoming iOS 6 mobile operating system. Although iOS 6 doesn’t make any huge leaps forward visually or productivity wise, the operating system has caught quite a bit of attention for what it lacks.
IOS 6 marks the first release of the operating system that doesn’t come preloaded with Google Maps. Instead, Apple kicked Google to the curb and included its own mapping service (which is actually not as functionally complete as Google Maps on many fronts).
Next, Apple passive aggressively removed the name “Google” from the search field in Safari, which signified that Google was powering search results (iOS also includes search options for Bing and Yahoo).
Now, Apple has taken the next step in ridding itself of Google’s “hooks” into iOS. In iOS 6 Beta 4, Apple has removed the YouTube app from the Springboard. The YouTube app has been featured on iOS ever since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007.
According to The Verge, this is what Apple has to say on the matter:
Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.
Apple says that its license has expired, but we all know that it’s secret for “We feel slighted by Google, and we hate everything they stand for.”
At least iOS users can rest assured that YouTube will continue to function normally through Safari. In addition, Google is working on a standalone Maps app that will be available in the App Store and should reintroduce the features that Apple stripped from its own mapping app with iOS 6.

Source: The Verge

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RE: Just another reason to avoid Apple
By name99 on 8/6/2012 5:15:41 PM , Rating: 2
Look, I know we all want to beat up on Apple here, but how about some common sense.

(a) This isn't one-sided. Google doesn't run YouTube as a charity, it runs it to show ads. Apple is not interested in having its showcase apps show ads. When Apple say their license has run out, yes, they are saying they weren't interested in renewing it; but there's also likely an element of relief in Google that they finally can control the YouTube experience on iOS.

(b) This doesn't mean no YouTube on iOS, it doesn't even mean no YouTube app on iOS. All it means is no APPLE-PROVIDED YouTube app. Just like Apple doesn't provide a FaceBook app, or an IMDB app, or a Pandora app.

There's a kindof collective insanity that seems to grip Apple haters anytime anything changes that makes them forget all history and common-sense. Google has plenty of custom apps on iOS right now. It will add one more, and life will go on. Apple will NOT ban a YouTube app, just like they haven't banned the Google Earth app, the Google Voice app, or other Google apps.

RE: Just another reason to avoid Apple
By Tony Swash on 8/6/12, Rating: -1
By Boze on 8/6/2012 7:31:40 PM , Rating: 5
Do you hear some of the shit you shovel??

There is no competitor to YouTube.


There are only "other" video hosting websites out there that people never bother going to.

What's Apple going to use? Vimeo? AppleTube? It would take months to years to get their own "Tube" service off the ground, and even then, migration would be slow as shit.

Apple has no search worth speaking of.
Apple has no mapping site / software / app worth speaking of.
Apple has no video hosting website worth speaking of.

If you make people choose between Google Maps, Google Search, and Google YouTube... they're going to choose Google over Apple.

Only idiots will stick with Apple, but I guess that's what they're counting on.

By dark matter on 8/8/2012 11:50:05 AM , Rating: 1

Shut up.

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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