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Does a UI by any other name smell as sweet?

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is reportedly preparing a major change in terms of branding, scrapping the codename "Metro", which was previous used to refer to the user interface text/geometry/color style found in Windows 8, Windows Phone, and certain company websites.

A leaked internal company memo mentions the decision being made after "discussions with an important European partner".  One leading hypothesis is that German retailer Metro AG (ETR:MEO), which appears to control the EU trademark on the word "Metro", threatened to sue.

Microsoft may be cautious about generating any more ill will in the European Union, a region that has already relished lashing it with fines, and which is currently considering new fines related to browsers in Windows 8.

Regardless, Microsoft advises employees to "discontinue the use".  As a stop-gap, the interface that shall not be named by its former name shall be called "Windows 8 style UI", according to Microsoft, until a more permanent name is decided upon.  

The decision on the more catchy new name should come "by the end of this week", hopefully with a bit more trademark research this time around.

Metro store
Metro is one of Germany's largest retailers.

The good news for Microsoft is that given the mixed press Windows 8's Metro makeover has received, changing the name may actually reduce public awareness of some of the harsher criticism of Windows 8, which largely comes from power-users and is of questionable applicability to the average non-enthusiast/non-power-user.

Sources: The Verge, ZDNet

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RE: call it what you want
By TheJian on 8/7/2012 6:17:02 AM , Rating: 2
I think you're confusing servers with power users. I've worked in the #1 producer of saw chain and also a top medical company. Neither used linux. ProE, Solidworks, Cadcam, Finite Analysis, programmers writing apps for the majority of the chain company etc, drug testing at the medical company, etc. All ran windows.

So in your mind the only power user is a NON HUMAN eh? Both companies ran their entire network on ...Wait for it...WINDOWS SERVER :) Linux, last time I checked only ran about 60% of the servers in the world. Translation, some 40% think windows is OK for mission critical company needs. Did you miss that? Or do you think they only sell server 2008 to home users running private web pages?...LOL. With a LARGE portion of the design community running Adobe CS suite on WINDOWS I think any claim that web people (google or not) use linux only is borderline ridiculous. Windows isn't just popular, it's used by the mass majority of users, power users or not. PERIOD. The numbers don't lie, as much as you'd like to believe they do. Dream on.

Tons of people use linux PURELY because its FREE. It has nothing to do with superiority. Since google HATES microsoft it's not exactly surprising they use linux heavily...ROFL. Well duh. Doesn't do you much good to fill the coffers of the enemy camp now does it? That would make google kind of DUMB ;) The biggest probably (IMHO) with linux is the 50 varieties, which is probably the biggest reason winblows succeeds. I work in IT and do NOT use linux. I have no use for it. Also I wouldn't even consider Mac OSX linux as nothing that runs on it runs on a REAL copy of linux. Do mac games run on redhat? Nope. Does mac Adobe CS suite run on ANY flavor of linux? Nope. Is a ford pinto the same as a porsche because they both have tires and an engine? NOPE. Mac OSX isn't linux in the same sense that a pinto isn't a porsche. They are all different operating systems, no different than these are both cars but VERY different cars :)

I have no intention of leaving America despite the fact that I think obama is a terrorist destroying our country from the inside. Another 4 years and he may get the job done completely (we can't afford another 6 trillion in debt, and I have enough trouble paying my own medical let alone forking over for 20million useless illegals). But until another country offers me something BETTER I have no intention of leaving. I'm using Winblows for the same reason. Let me know when linux offers me MORE and I'll be happily switching. I'm rooting for you, but don't hold out much hope I'll ever get to go on anything other than windows. Work and play for me come from windows...I have no time to learn something else just to call myself a bigger geek than I already am (and I don't think it makes anyone a bigger one anyway, it just makes you that much more useless in my world). I remind you that Macs have been hacked and infected if you think linux is immune...ROFL. Better networking? I'm remembering a blackhat conference that had a few guys hacking it in minutes (even as they said in the same breath, we can do windows just as fast...LOL). You're not special because you booted (or make a living from) linux this morning instead of windows...LOL. I digress...

PS...I hate windows 8, and have run it, will probably have to learn it more than I want and still believe it SUCKS. The only think I can say I liked about windows 8 is 4K native support. But I don't need to boot from a 3TB drive and both of mine work fine as data drives in winblows 7 :)...LOL@MS for trying to sell that crap to a "POWER USER" like me ;) XP64 still ROCKS! Plays every game I've ever thrown at it, runs with every product in my entire families PC's (all AMD/NV cards, all nics, Creative cards, loves my 16GB etc). I wouldn't even be running winblows 7 if I hadn't needed to support it in IT...No point other than work. Winblows 7 is SLOW compared to XP64 (I live in explorer, so 7 is just about useless without xyplorer/total commander). Damn 7 is always calculating or discovering something and wasting my time. Why can't it just copy/paste/move and shut up? Change for the sake of change is stupid. What kind of OS can't be used efficiently as a file manager? WTF? Seriously? Jumping folders? NO free space status displayed without properties or clicking computer? Just replace win7 explorer with xp's and I'll be seriously less stressed...LOL. Can't I just get an XP64 rev2 or something? Sell me xp with 4k native and DirectX 12...Done. Aero can't work in XP? BS! Not that I use it anyway. 20GB of space to do LESS and work SLOWER than I could with 2GB in XP64? Whatever...sensible rant over...Besides, it's 3:15am here...LOL.

RE: call it what you want
By Taft12 on 8/8/2012 12:39:44 PM , Rating: 2
Linux, last time I checked only ran about 60% of the servers in the world. Translation, some 40% think windows is OK for mission critical company needs.

0% of the world's servers run all flavours of UNIX combined now?

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov

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